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anton price’s new band covers warp

Tonight 2012-01-27 at 21 o’locco at Café Vertigo in Antwerp: Anton Price aka Bohr Bug aka Dago Sondervan plays Autechre / Aphex Twin & Squarepusher covers plus own compositions old and new. The band’s exciting new line up equally features Mirko Banovic on bass & moog pedal, Peter Vandenberghe on synths and Thomas Jillings on electronic sax.

el! ef! oh!

What with Warp rereleasing 1991’s Frequenciesby LFO, here’s some LFO rarities …The studio tracks all date from 1991, the live tracks were recorded 1992-01-18 @ “la Rave de la grande Arche – La défense – Paris” which also featured Laurent Garnier, Eric Rug and Jérôme Pacman. Co-organisers Libération & Fnac Music later launched Live In Paris 18.1.1992 (La Grande Arche De La Défense)“, a six track mcd “hors commerce” in a rouge & noir sleeve by the Designers’ Republic™. Sadly, the boundary between tracks 4 & 5 wasn’t mastered properly on that mcd, with the intro of LFOstarting at the end of Sam & Dave“. The 5’43” version below does feature the correct intro, though, as reassembled from the original aiff files. Hey and do check Luke Vibert’s 2009 version of LFOas well, won’t you?

bleep exorcist

It’s been over twenty years ago today when Richard H Kirk of Cabaret Voltaire teamed up with Richard Barratt aka dj Parrott for the Sweet Exorcist duo … where LFO met TAGC on acid … The duo’s 1990 & 1991 recordings for Warp – cat. no. WARP1 is their classic Clonk’s Comingalbum – have now been compiled on the RetroActivity (When Everything’s Ready On The Dark Side Of The Moon Play The Five Tones)2cd (WARPCD218, 2011) which adds another six previously unreleased tracks from the same era, mostly early versions or alternate takes. The lyrics to “Per clonk 6 alt.” quote the Temptations’Message from a black man(1969, written by Norman Whitfield & Barrett Strong). Hey and this is interesting too!

cte xfa xehpa

AFX fns r mncs? Via: http://www.eclectro.nl/2010-10-02-wie-van-de-3-met-aphex-twin


YT’s edit of Klaus Schulze‘s classic Totem“, off his Picture Music lp (Brain 1975-01), recorded late 1974, and an Autechre rarity from twenty years later. This remix of “Silverside” (off their second album Amber“, Warp 1994-11) is off the free v/a FMCD with issue 27 (1995-01) of Future Music magazine.