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brabançonne 4

It’s … Pol Closset & his Dixieland Gamblers, a single off Sing Along – Live At Your Father’s Mustache (1973 lp on Vogue, produced by Sylvain Vanholme) … Merci JaakG!

george smits’ cash? roger morès cash!


See young George Smits act inCash? Cash!by Paul Collet and Pierre Drouot (Antwerp, Belgium, 1967) … now out on dvd via Belfilm (2011) with the soundtrack by Roger Morès (original vinyl on Vogue) extra on cd (27’43”). Fuzzy  groovy title track“Cash-cash” was co-written by Roger Morès and Roel Van Bambost (without Miek); all other tracks – e.g. “Dancing” – were written by Morès. Two tracks for the next (sixth) Beat Bespokév/a compilation, oh New Untouchables? (Volume five, once again compiled by Rob Bailey, has just been released on Circle, cat. no. CPWC113.)



As reissued on cd ànd lp by Vadim (2011): Jean-Claude Pelletier et son orchestre (vol. 5, Vogue 1974). The lp reprint is scheduled for 2011-12-08.

maddening unity


After “Here Comes The Crazy Man!” (Vogue 1974), Koen De Bruyne (RIP 1977), Patricia Maesen (RIP 1996) and Jean-Pierre Onraedt also played / sang on Funky Tramway(Vogue 1975) by Mad Unity, aka legendary library man Janco Nilovic‘s Brussels project. As reissued by Vadim (cd ànd lp) this Summer (2011) …

koen de bruyne’s kluis

Music of its age and time, by Koen De Bruyne. “Pathetic dreams” is off his debut lp “Here Comes The Crazy Man!” (Vogue 1974); era vocals by Patricia Maesen, drums by Jean-Pierre Onraedt. (A year later, this trio would feature on Janko Nilovic’s Mad Unity lp, also on Vogue Belgique.) As a follow up, shortly before his (untimely) death in 1977, De Bruyne recorded the soundtrack for Jan Gruyaert’s film “In kluis” (Hans Kusters Music 1978, reissued 2007), of which the first three tracks below were taken. De Bruyne (brother of Kris) also participated in the recording of Laat me nu toch niet alleenby Johan Verminnen (1974), which features a (Belgian) classic moog solo by Telex‘ Dan Lacksman.