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bob lind’s comeback

Bob Lind‘s new album Finding You Again(just out on Big Beat, cat. no. CDWIKD 307) kind of shook me unexpectedly. Or maybe I’m just weak at the knees because just for an instant the intro of “Maybe it’s the rain” reminds me of Lesley Duncan‘s “Love song”. Anyhow Mr. Lind‘s fifth full album is quite impressive – and a purchase to be considered for fans of Jacques Brel, Michael Chapman, Bill Fay, Ned Collette, Marianne Faithfull, Richard Hawley, Mickey Newbury, Scott Walker and the like – even though Dylan‘s the usual buzzword. Housed in an awful sleeve, and not as brash sounding as Bish Bosch“, I’m sure, but worth the listen ànd read, as the lyrics have been printed. Our man Bob‘s kinda proud of them, since he urges us to “please listen to the songs all the way through before reading the lyrics. Reading the words while you listen for the first time is like consulting a sex manual while you’re making love” (cd booklet p. 5). Features a cover version of Peter Allen‘s Somebody’s angel(off the Australian’s 1980 lpBi-Coastal), incidentally.

all about money and personal space

Hey! how about a reprint of Spontaneous Overthrow’s “All About Money” album (New-Ark 1984)? Urgently!?! Its hazy title track alone is utterly brilliant – and you can hear both Mr Burns and Dr Dylan in it if you listen closely to the outro. Discovered it via Chocolate Industries’ mighty “Personal Space – Electronic Soul 1974-1984” v/a cd / clear vinyl 2lp (2012) – another winner, not just for fans of Sly, Timmy or Shuggie but also for fans of James & Paradinas! Just listen to Starship Commander Woo Woo’s “Master ship (excerpt)” below.

the long goodbye


The soundtrack of The Long Goodbyefeatures two songs, Hooray for Hollywoodand the eponymous The long goodbye“, composed by John Williams and Johnny Mercer. It was Altman’s idea to have every occurrence of that song arranged differently, from hippie chant, to supermarket muzak, to radio music, effectively achieving the correct mood for the hero’s encounters with eccentric Californians, while pursuing his case.

Quote source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Long_Goodbye_(film)#Soundtrack … Do hope someone will finally release or reissue the soundtrack to Robert Altman’s “The Long Goodbye” (1973) properly, in full, with all versions. Haven’t ever seen it on lp or cd, and haven’t met or read anyone who has … though Varèse Sarabande apparently featured a number of tracks at the end of their limited edition cd reissue of Fitzwilly in 2004. Full info on the film – ànd Raymond Chandler’s 1953 book – via http://snaporaz.posterous.com/the-long-goodbye + more on that soundtrack here: http://www.jw-collection.de/songs/longgoodbye.htm + http://www.jw-collection.de/scores/longgoodbyex.htm

zing je moerstaal


Holland, 1976: Ad Visser compiles & produces a various artists lp for the CPNB (Commission for Collective Propaganda of the Dutch Book) as the yearly Boekenweekgeschenk. On “Zing Je Moerstaal” (sing in your mother’s tongue), contemporary artists such as Bots, Alexander Curly, Boudewijn de Groot, Earth & Fire, Focus, Fungus, Kayak, Peter Koelewijn, Robert Long, Lucifer, Maggie MacNeal and Drs P interpret lyrics written by contemporary authors such as Cees Buddingh’, Simon Carmiggelt, Jules Deelder, Wim de Vries, Theun de Winter, Hans Dorrestijn, Judith Herzberg, Jan Kal, Gerrit Komrij, Harry Mulisch, Nico Scheepmaker and Bert Schierbeek. Highlights:

  • “De tijd zegt niets” (Judith Herzberg) by Earth & Fire (1976)
  • “Avondrood” (Jules Deelder) by Focus; instrumental version released as “Red sky at night”
  • “De kinderballade” (Gerrit Komrij) by Boudewijn de Groot (1976)
  • “Sober leven” (Nico Scheepmaker) by Drs. P. (1976).

    Reissue please!

    Hey and talking reissues: did you know we’ve launched a Reissue & Reprint Request Page (RRR) page on Fb aimed at record companies and the like, in view of getting rare & obscure recordings dug up and (re)released? Anyone can place his requests, spam will be deleted.


    beefheart’s dust sucker of a bat chain puller

    = 1980 French tv (“Chorus”) … 2012-02-22: Vaulternative / Zappa records have finally released the original 1976 “Bat Chain Puller” album by Captain Beefheart. Officially. It’s outrageously expensive but it sounds much, much better than the unofficial “Dust Sucker” release by the Ozit leeches, said to contain the 1976 recordings as well, well … The title track’s rhythm is said to be based on the sound of Don Van Vliet’s Volvo car’s windscreen wipers. And the blues, of course. Webcore, webcore.

    Beefbonus: Vliet phases Letterman!