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verdinterview / pas de deux over brussels

Sunday nigth 2014-01-26 at 22 o’locco Pas de Deux will reform and perform at the Ancienne Belgique in Brussels as closing cat of “The Sound of the Belgian Underground 2014”, a festival with mostly young & new acts, e.g. Hantrax and Miaux. Links below.

To celebrate the occasion there’s lots of interviews in Belgian media today & earlier this month. Here’s an interview we did with Walter Verdin in 2001: taken 2001-04-18, e-mailed 2001-05-04 as part of [uzine 01.07]. The 2001-06-28 erratum of [uzine 01.09] has been processed in the text below.


Walter Verdin is one of Belgium’s finest artists, especially as a videast (see also his website – cf. the URL below), but ironically Verdin is still best-known for his appearance at the Eurovision Songfestival with Pas de Deux, who represented Belgium in München anno 1983. Backed by the big band of Freddy Sunder (another Belgian legend), a trio consisting of Walter Verdin, Dett Peyskens and Hilde Van Roy (now a journalist for VRT-tv, who interviews royalty a.o. people) danced their way onto the stage to give a maximalist ((the big band’s belting “baaa-waaa baaa-waaa ba-bààà”)), almost dadaist performance ((the lyrics “Rendez-vous / Maar de maat is vol / En m’n kop is toe” were delivered by two brilliantly coiffured women dancing metronomically)) that would earn Belgium little or no points. Thus, it was a performance that was up to a par with Telex’s minimalist meta-pun on the songfestival in 1980 (Den Haag), which had already ranked Belgium among the most surreal countries Eurosongwise and other…  Later on the band would split (with the Parsley record label going broke at about the same time).

The following interview was conducted around April 18th & mailed out May 4th 2001. Readers who have access to the free weekly newspaper “Brussel Deze Week” might also want to read Michaël Bellon’s elaborate interview with Mr. Verdin in 2001’s June 20th issue (no.793, p.7), in which it is revealed that Verdin even designed record sleeves, e.g. for the Neon Judgement.

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ty segall’s roommate

A promo video for Ty Segall‘s new album Twins(out on Drag City since 2012-10-09) assembled by Roommate‘s Kent Lambert who used “clips from Lawnmower man 2: beyond cyberspace”, “White chicksand The stupids– all other footage courtesy of Chicago Film Archives.” Below’s Segall‘s video (codirected with one Peter Grimm) for The hill“.

ian emes’ oriental nightfish and the pink floyd dance troupe

Ian Emes: “French windows” (1972) + “Oriental nightfish” (1977). Music by Wings (1973) and by Pink Floyd (1971), viz.One of these days (I’m going to cut you into little pieces)off Meddle“. In 1976, Emes also made videos for Mike Oldfield and for Roger Daltrey’s Heart’s right“. More recently, he’s collaborated with John Foxx on Flightpath Tegel(2010). Hey and do check this exquisite 1978 animation too: http://snaporaz.posterous.com/ian-emes-beard

ulloh there

Of course …  [Tnx Em!]

danger ennio : diabolik morricone

Accompanying my “Danger: Diabolik” post … here’s four excerpts from Ennio Morricone’s soundtrack (1967 / 1968). Hey and did you know that the Beastie Boys … and that Mike Patton really digs

chicago’s answer to com truise?

After Com Truise, Zombie Zombie, Principles of Geometry and the like … let’s hear it from Chicago’s Michael Perkins and his Mr 666″ albumette? Apart from more uptempo tracks à laEsteban II(way cool), Mister Mike‘s music reminds me a tad too often of a sterile Kosmische Logic System rather than of the highly imaginative John Carpenter or any of the aforementioned acts influenced by that director. But I’m sure that’ll evolve. In any case: great videos by Mike Broers, if I’m not mistaken.

my bad new roommate’s single

The new Roommate video spells “woman trips over cat, hits head, falls into swimming pool, has out of body experience complete with swirling vortex and wraith like demons – music by Roommate, video assembly by Mike Broers who created this mystifying gem out of an ’80s made for tv movie and some kind of Atari machine, or something like that.” Abysmal eh seminal! Moreover, “synthesizer maestro Michael Perkins and the aforementioned Mike Broers have crafted their own version of the song, juicing it up with snazzy chords and spicy textures” dixit Kent Lambert … Free download of that remix here or listen below. (Do check this other Perkins gem whilst you’re on Bandcamp, incidentally.) As for Roommate‘s own music: free download of “My bad” via the Chicago Mixtape 038 but that’s only online for a limited time so hurry, chums, hurry! Also: free download of Roommate’s “A night like this” Cure cover via Cokemachineglow‘s fantasy covers podcast part one; and earlier Guided by Voices cover “Smothered in hugs” still available via the Chicagoist!