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vivat vadim & viva nilovic

Sadly, the Vadim label seems to be in trouble. They’re selling out their catalogue at destock discount prices (hurry), they’ve closed their blog, and they’ve put their site to sleep. Hopefully Vadim will reawaken reinvigorated! By way of praise & support, here’s a number of tracks by Janko Nilovic, an artist most championed by Vadim (in France and by Cosmic Sounds in the UK) via eight or more releases, viz. Funky Tramway(with Mad Unity in 1975 / reissued 2011), Psyc Impressions(1969 / 2011), Soul Impressions(1975 / 2011), Last Impressions(compilation, 2007), Vocal Impressions(with Dave Sucky in 1971 / 2006), Chorus(1974 / 2006), Rythmes Contemporains(1974 / 2010),Paris Pop Galaxy(remixed by Eric Caspar, Pulp Flavor 2002) and I’m sure I’m forgetting some. Most of Nilovic’s work was produced for les éditions Montparnasse 2000 of course. Personal favourites include:

  • “Aérospatial” (1971?)
  • “Atchika boum” (1971)
  • “Improvisations pour deux voix” (1971)
  • “Black Swan Lake” (1975)


bobby boyd

Ladies & gentlemen, the much overrated Bobby Boyd, as reissued by the otherwise excellent Vadim. And I’m not dissin’ that wonderful label here, nor the mighty Lafayette Afro Rock Band who would evolve out of the Bobby Boyd Congress … I’m just saying that, bar a handful of tracks, these two rare hence overhyped Bobby Boyd albums are actually quite average bar a few highlights:
1971: http://www.vadimmusic.com/fiche.php?id=458
1976: http://www.vadimmusic.com/fiche.php?id=473
Even so, “Straight ahead” by Bobby Boyd Congress (1971) is a funk monster featuring Diana Olverton, Frank Abel, Bobby Boyd, Jerry Joe Beatty, Ronnie Buttacavoli, Arthur Grayson Young, Lawrence Jones, Laffeyette Hudson and Perry Smith, and their “Dig deep in your soul” is cool too. “Happy hooker” (1976) was written by Harvey Fuqua for the Nite-Liters in 1973 with Xaviera Hollander‘s 1971 bestseller in mind, I’m sure, while the album also sports a a fine Tim Hardin cover with How can we hang on to a dream(1976).


Two tracks off the “CCPP” album (Flamophone 1975) by France’s finest: André Ceccarelli (drums, percussion), Marc Chantereau (keyboards), Christian Padovan (bass) and Slim Pezin (guitars). Reissued by Vadim on lp and cd in 2011, cf. http://www.vadimmusic.com/fiche.php?id=475

tube foot



As reissued on cd ànd lp by Vadim (2011): Jean-Claude Pelletier et son orchestre (vol. 5, Vogue 1974). The lp reprint is scheduled for 2011-12-08.

maddening unity


After “Here Comes The Crazy Man!” (Vogue 1974), Koen De Bruyne (RIP 1977), Patricia Maesen (RIP 1996) and Jean-Pierre Onraedt also played / sang on Funky Tramway(Vogue 1975) by Mad Unity, aka legendary library man Janco Nilovic‘s Brussels project. As reissued by Vadim (cd ànd lp) this Summer (2011) …

big jullien


Big Jullien = Ivan Jullien, who recorded this lp with Michel Colombier in 1970. This track – “Wake the monster” – is also featured on the French Funk Experience” v/a cd.