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new wave copy centre zones

New wave revival or pastiche? Speedqueen feat. Dennis Tyfus & Milan Warmoeskerken … the latter is also in Tone Zones alongside Elko Blijweert … who recorded the exquisite Front 242 cover version below!

Kinda reminds me of “Chicks in leather“, btw … Also, how come LiMo’s “Das Ist Der Rhythmus, Mit Dem Du Mit Mußt” (2002) isn’t on YouTube yet?

voicemail radio & prank calls


Fun concept: http://www.radiovoicemail.nl/ e.g. this week, dial +31619736048 for Ultra Eczema’s broadcast… More UE radio via http://www.ultraeczema.com/radio/index.html incidentally! And let’s not forget Dennis Tyfus & Vomgrill’s magnificent 0032 (0)3 2934834 lp either (cat. no. Ultra Eczema 46) which collects a selection of phone calls DT made daily between 2007-05-05 and 2007-07-29 as part of the Virus group exhibition at Antwerp’s Hessenhuis. You can hear the A side of the lp on UE’s Sc: http://soundcloud.com/ultra-eczema/dennis-tyfus-a-side-of-0032-0


frieda von ipanema sufferin’ from tyfus contour


Jobim & Moraes’ Garota de Ipanemain a version by Mrs. Miller (1966) by way of tribute to Dennis Tyfus’ Gargles from Ipanemainstallation, which you can experience ‘neath the platforms of Mechelen’s Nekkerspoel train station until 2011-10-30 as part of the Contour 2011 5th Biennial of Moving Image. Whether you know Frieda or not, I urge you to go and see the installation! You can hear a taster of Vom Grill & Remörk‘s one hour soundtrack here, as two excerpts have been released on an Ültra Eczema 10″ (cat. no. UE105). The Anthony Kiendl curated Contour will also bring Lee Ranaldo & Leah Singer to Malines on 2011-09-30, while Chicks on Speed, the late Brion Gysin and Anne-Mie Van Kerckhoven / Club Moral are contributing art too. Addendum: a sad ending / premature removal of the installation

george smits

Toet Toet Zbolk Zbolk … With Isomopolis. ICC(Ultra Eczema cat. no. UE89, 2011-02), Antwerp dynamo Dennis Tyfus has just released his first George Smits lp. And according to the hardest working man in the business of Belgium’s underground heritage, a.o., there’s more to come from Smits‘ vaults. Earlier on, Lowlands had released Zbolk Night Radio(1995 cat. no. AUDIO 002) and Toet(2001, AUDIO 012) on cd via its Audioview imprint. Isomopolis. ICCis a beautifully packaged and well documented picture disc limited to 200 copies. It features three compositions in three parts by Ferre Grignard‘s former guitar (etc) player recorded at the Antwerp ICC in 1981. (Highly recommended for fans of Mzuiand Michael O’Shea!) The amazing documentary above was made by Karel Schoetens for the BRT in 1984; the interview was conducted by Wim Van Mulders. Just watch this for the frères Bachet fragment alone!

Update for Smits fans: see young George act inCash? Cash!by Paul Collet (1967) … now out on dvd + cd via Belfilm!

Update & flashback to 1997: we’ve just uploaded our 1997 interview with George Smits here (199 kB pdf), as e-mailed to [uzine] subscribers on 2001-08-14. On the same date, we also sent out a regular zine with a review of the “Toet” cd.

2010-03-13: popcorn galore

2010-03-13, viz. sum 40 years after the original recording: release party of the “Popcorn” v/a covers compilation 2lp on Dennis Tyfus’ Ultra Eczema label slash endeavour! After the La Bambaambiulance, the corniness will really explode this time around. Bring your own butter ‘cuz you can expect the whole Antwerp scene to be present, just burning to socialise and act like a salty god.