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eros & psychedelic vinyls


Some saucy leftovers from the previous post just to bring a great series of books to your attention that bear wonderful faux anglais titles that only the French can come up with (cf. how they spelt pin’s back in the nineties) … I’m pretty sure the Ohio Players will be featured in Eros vinylsbut I wonder whether that particular volume has a raunchy Eurodisco sleeves section too … So far, the Collection musiqueby éditions Stéphane Bachès also includes books on vinyls yéyé, pochettes chanson française, bande dessinée (BD) or comics style sleeves, prog gatefolds, mainstream rock lp covers, and psychedelic psleeves. (There’s been a whole number of books on that topic before, of uneven quality, most notably theClassic Album Covers Of The 60sby Storm Thorgersson of Hipgnosis.) Voir aussi: http://vibrationsmusic.com/2010/12/09/psychedelic-vinyls/ + http://uzine.posterous.com/tag/sleeveart


not trees (bis)


In the “Wicker man” post below (use the tags to find it), I wrote how, at the end of the eighties, us volatile postmod popsike freaks thought the Wicker Mansoundtrack was by Trees. “Must be. Who else could it be by!” Turned out to be (Paul Giovanni’s) Magnet – totally obscure. Anyhow, in those days, we were also quite nuts (and berries) about this killer track (as collectors and other salesmen like to say): “She looked down” (1988) is off the Fern Hill lp by Mick Wills, and can also be found on the Woronzoidv/a 2lp label sampler, both on Woronzow (1988). Electric guitar extraordinaire by Nick Saloman, of the Bevis Frond / Psychic Circle fame. The image above is the Hipgnosis sleeve to Trees’ On The Shorelp (CBS UK lp 1970, Decal / Charly reissue lp 1987, BGO cd 199X, Sony BMG deluxe 2cd 2007, Sunbeam 2lp 200X) – one of my favourite (psychedelic) folk albums of all time.