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bleep exorcist

It’s been over twenty years ago today when Richard H Kirk of Cabaret Voltaire teamed up with Richard Barratt aka dj Parrott for the Sweet Exorcist duo … where LFO met TAGC on acid … The duo’s 1990 & 1991 recordings for Warp – cat. no. WARP1 is their classic Clonk’s Comingalbum – have now been compiled on the RetroActivity (When Everything’s Ready On The Dark Side Of The Moon Play The Five Tones)2cd (WARPCD218, 2011) which adds another six previously unreleased tracks from the same era, mostly early versions or alternate takes. The lyrics to “Per clonk 6 alt.” quote the Temptations’Message from a black man(1969, written by Norman Whitfield & Barrett Strong). Hey and this is interesting too!

a 4th cellarful of motown


Utterly wonderful tracks by Holland & Dozier (sung by LaBrenda Ben), by the Monitors (lead vocals by Sandra Fagin) and by the Temptations, and a track to puzzle fans of Edwyn Collins by Robert Dobyne of the Artistics … all off a hard to find v/a 2cd with a hard to read (because badly designed) booklet. Speaking of hard to swallow: don’t you just hate it when labels don’t update their sites? How they don’t even know how to keep a site going that simply lists their catalogue (Blue Note, EMI, Universal …) even if they have all the money in the world? The worst is Universal UK, which redirects you to this impractical nonsense … or just keeps you hangin’ on … Do they think we’re children or whàt!? Just try to find any info on this fourth volume on any of the Universal sites! Worst of all is the url printed on previous volumes of “A Cellarful Of Motown” – where the least Universal UK could do is update the site for those people who come across an old 2cd of a mere couple of years ago and want to learn about newer volumes. Aw, it’s plain awful salesmanship. Anyhoo, this is all I found … a good thing there’s fan fed sites such as Discogs!
http://www.motown45.co.uk/coming.html (sic)