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more from rick hall’s fame studios


After yesterday’s post on Kent’s F.A.M.E. Studios 3cd, you might think it’s a groovy v/a comp. Well no, it has its moments, but it’s mostly deep soul ballads you’ll find onThe Fame Studio Story 1961-1973 Home Of The Muscle Shoals Sound… Sometimes in less obvious versions, but always high quality performances … even if they were sung by some unknown singer. But I wanted to show the funky side too, yesterday, because that often gets overlooked by a certain ‘beer, blues ‘n’ soul’ audience, no? As if northern soul = uptempo vs. southern soul = downtempo. And as if there isn’t enough confusion re: Muscle Shoals already! Anyhoo, enjoy the ups ànd the downs ;-)


muscle shoals’ fame studios


After 2008’s magnificent Take Me To The River: A Southern Soul Story 1961-1977″ 3cd v/a compilation (KENTBOX10) – a must in any collection – Kent come up trumps again with The Fame Studio Story 1961-1973 Home Of The Muscle Shoals Sound(KENTBOX12 v/a 3cd, 2011-11). Not an unmistakeable classic, this time around, but filled to the brim with magnificent soul all the same. And quite a few groovy numbers, as you can witness here. It also features Bobby Marchan’s “Funny style” – hear it & read more on him here (in a future post). Meanwhile, for more on the Florence Alabama Music Enterprises over at Muscle Shoals: