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new wave copy centre zones

New wave revival or pastiche? Speedqueen feat. Dennis Tyfus & Milan Warmoeskerken … the latter is also in Tone Zones alongside Elko Blijweert … who recorded the exquisite Front 242 cover version below!

Kinda reminds me of “Chicks in leather“, btw … Also, how come LiMo’s “Das Ist Der Rhythmus, Mit Dem Du Mit Mußt” (2002) isn’t on YouTube yet?

p. funk all-stars

P. Funk All-Stars, 1983 … precursors, as ever … the full lp wasn’t as great, but this 12″ was & is … I was reminded of this classic by the sensational symbiosis of Stijn & Brzzvll yesterday

stijn & reggie watts riots


Stijn & Reggie Watts live at Vooruit (Ghent) 2011-03-23. Do check the images at the end of the Cobra video link. (Too bad the mp3’s of the “Ueberzip n°7” download do not give full info when you open them in iTunes.)
http://www.zipstick.be/ > download “Überzip n°7”

2011-01-07: who’s got the funk, mia?


Can’t believe Stijn wasn’t nominated for the 2011 Mia‘s as funkiest of the year, alongside Brzzvll – though the latter got a well deserved nomination for their and Afreux‘s album artwork! Bit monomanic pop & rock, aren’t they, against the VRT’s mission? As if urban as a category is inimaginable in our de facto multicultural society. Oh well … Here’s two tracks off Stijn’s third “Ten Danz” (Mijn Label 2010) – “WUGDAI” has Andrew “Chi” Claes of Brzzvll on sax and “Weten” Fabergé of Dutch rappers de Jeugd van Tegenwoordig – ànd the 1972 original of a track which Brzzvll often cover live … by Archie Shepp.

stijn = klepperr beyond the haze

via http://www.antwerpsekleppers.be/?p=198 & more via http://www.antwerpsekleppers.be/?p=285 + see also http://www.mijnlabel.com/ + http://myspace.com/mijnlabel + http://www.facebook.com/pages/STIJN/27707419375 … Spessiaal konsert gisterruh au Bourla d’Anvers … liked the new songs the best … Booty and Password were top, again, WUGDAI could have sounded a bit mo’ rough, and the untitled instrumental closer boogied me all the way back to ’84 (see also the track below) … the rough / tough track sounded promising too, what with buzz words that score a high Roger on my Zapp-o-meter, but is still a ‘live only’ embryo apparently … anyhoo, after “Kompaktplaat Nummer 000” (rel. 2001), “Euphoric” (’04) and “The World Is Happy Now” (’06), it looks like we may be expecting another groovy album of songs in 2010 … Dâm-Funk watch out!

Bonus : a great story about a so-so “funk” record – musically mere EWF cloning, imho …
via http://www.lightintheattic.net/?p=927 & here’s anutha cratediggin’ wet dream