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carol with snowy red and a machine or two

Absolutely wanted to play Carol‘s “Breakdown” for ya – a track I’d already mentioned in my Snowy Red post, as he’s backing her on this one. The track is also on the very excellent A Man & A Machine IIIv/a 2cd. The tracks by the Cabs, Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark and Drinking Electricity are presented here in the compilers’ original sequence, just to show how well Stéphane Ritzenthaler and Philippe Pierre-Adolphe can create a musical flow, apart from having impeccable taste in eighties wave and avantgarde … Do check their “A Man & A Machine” series, I urge thee!

a man and a machine


Wonderful tracks off my fave comp of the year: the A Man & A Machine IIIv/a 2cd (le Son du Maquis cat no. 214, rel. 2011-09-08). I could have picked any track, really, as the third volume is the best yet in the series. (Apparently it’s won a Qwartz award for best electronics compilations. Don’t think Qwartz or Maquis will win prizes for keeping their sites up to date, though.) Highlights:


schallmauer 79-81


… off a high concept Schallmauer of a v/a compilation, as you can read here (et pour les francophones la même chose) + see also http://uzine.posterous.com/linktip-0