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simple minds’ four best


Roxy Music, Japan, … but never a Simple Minds fan … except for a handful of tracks, e.g. This earth that you walk upon (instrumental)“, “League of nations” & “Theme for great cities(3x 1981) and I travel(1980) – all recently reissued on the X56cd box (2012).

carol with snowy red and a machine or two

Absolutely wanted to play Carol‘s “Breakdown” for ya – a track I’d already mentioned in my Snowy Red post, as he’s backing her on this one. The track is also on the very excellent A Man & A Machine IIIv/a 2cd. The tracks by the Cabs, Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark and Drinking Electricity are presented here in the compilers’ original sequence, just to show how well Stéphane Ritzenthaler and Philippe Pierre-Adolphe can create a musical flow, apart from having impeccable taste in eighties wave and avantgarde … Do check their “A Man & A Machine” series, I urge thee!

ivor shrigley & david cutler

David Shrigley – currently on expo in BelgiuM – has drawn clips for his fellow Scotsman Ivor Cutler, who’s influenced him immensely. The two tracks (the videos are once again off the air) are from the Oblique Musical Philosopher‘s lpLudoas produced by Sir Martin – and check here too.)