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record breaking news: schaefer’s olympic turntable


Re-iterating on my void player post, I thought I’d give the ol’ audiOh! site another look, and here’s what: Janek Schaefer is currently designing an Olympic Record Player as a project for the British Council for the 2012 London Olympic Games! Source for this news: http://www.audioh.com/projects/triphonic.html … and while you’re there, do give that 1′ QT movie about JS’ record breaking Tri-Phonic turntable (1997) a peek! Will the 2012 player be even more versatile? Go for gold, Janek!

More record breaking news here: http://www.audioh.com/projects/worldrecord.html
And equally baffling:
2010-01-23, 12:50 CET

void player … not for flexidiscs styrofoam player … not near fireplaces and a vely cool vinyl movie

wàààw!! i want it and i want it now: the void player … for scratchin’

wàààw (what analogue solution): 

& if only George Smits (Zbolk) were alive to see this (luckily Arne & Janek àre):

and if all else fails, there’s always the (usb!) Linos:

but … but … what is the future of all this vinyl nonsense, I hear you ask?

vyva Nylvi! what a site!

#1: the back catalogue (aka ISSN 13773828)

[uzine] used to be a music e-zine between 1999 and 2006, run by a threesome and then some (from the mid to end nineties, it was a webzine called ultra – hence the u -, run by (kf) & (hs) a.o. ). The e-zine (now defunct, don’t dream of sending stuff for review) had about 3000 subscribers and even more dedicated readers. We did interviews and reviews and provided the playlists of our radio shows (expect those here later on as well) plus a lot of links, favelists, best of the year overviews, etc. … annexed is the the whole shebang in a 2,6 MB zip featuring txt files and a contents pdf …

Incidentally, everything here is “for demonstration & (internet) conversation purposes”. This here blog will not be making any media files downloadable; such are our settings on this here Posterous platform. If they are presented here, the purpose is to promote artists by providing tangible examples of their art & craft, and to have you, o dear readership, become equally enthusiastic about the art on display, perhaps even tempting you to purchase it legally. As the financial crisis of 2008 has shown, we’re living in a consumer society (and a services economy, and an attention economy, and a spectacle society), so everyone has to be aware of and do what it takes to keep the wheels going (without harming the planet). Also, it is our intent to always provide direct links to artist or label sites, and to the sources we got our information or data from … as well as other relevant and informative links, cf. this site’s subtitle. Conversely (vice versa, mutatis mutandis), we hope to be quoted whenever material of ours is used, including all stuff from the issues of [uzine] contained in this here zip containing our own writings. Do contact us if you have issues or questions …

& feel free to become a fan of this Fb page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/uzine-blog/216710133861

Update: since the switch from Posterous to WordPress, it’s no longer possible to offer a zip. Here’s the contents table instead, and an example issue. When there’s time, we’ll make a separate blogpost of each e-zine.