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dutch traffic brides for the motions

Really dig this groovy B-side (of “Eliza“), also on the – uneven – Electric Baby” lp (Philips 1969) with which the Motions tried to cause a stir Stateside too, cf. this NYC performance. First discovered this Traffic influenced gem via Rubble 9 Plastic Wilderness(Bam-Caruso 1991, cat. no. KIRI 079), a v/a lp dedicated to Dutch psychedelia. The studio version of Wedding of the 100 bridesis also on Bam-Caruso‘s v/a cd The Rubble Collection 5(1992). More recently, “The Rubble Collection” has been boxed as well.

esprit de corps


Three tracks off the brand new Mixed-Up-Minds (Obscure Rock And Pop From The British Isles) Part One 1970-1973v/a (Past & Present PAPRCD2125, 2010), plus one extra. MUM#1 features mellow UK pop somewhere between early ELO / Roy Wood (Asgard’s “Town crier”) and those typical early seventies sounds of teenybop soft rock … If (Would it turn out wrong)dates from 1972 and is off the“Rubble Fourteen – The Magic Rocking Horse” v/a lp (Bam-Caruso KIRI 106, 1986), later reissued on “The Rubble Collection – Volume 8” (Bam-Caruso, 1993). “Do you remember me (like I remember you)?” dates from 1973; not much is known about Esprit de Corps, but here’s what I found on the net:
Hey! and what a top resource, that 45cat!

a black mass for wasted schlemiels


Imho this long, hitherto unknown looped version of “Black mass” by Jason Crest was secretly cut to acetate for private use (a séance, a projection) by some crafty engineer (with a penchant for occultism) who was working at the studio at the time … The short (regular) version can be found on the B side of the A place in the sun7″ (Philips UK 1969-08) or more easily via the Rubble Four The 49 Minute Technicolour Dreamv/a lp (Bam-Caruso 1984 or 1986, KIRI 027) or The Rubble Collection 2v/a cd (Bam-Caruso 1992, cat. no. RUBBLE CD 2); all Rubble” volumes have been reissued by Past & Present on cd and lp a couple of years ago, incidentally. The hidden track after “Wasted ground” is “Merry go round” by ? (unknown acetate). All of the tracks on display here are off the brand new “Psychedelic Schlemiels 4 More Lost Sounds From The Britpsych Scene 1966-1969” v/a cd (Wooden Hill 2010, cat. no. WHCD031).