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ty segall’s roommate

A promo video for Ty Segall‘s new album Twins(out on Drag City since 2012-10-09) assembled by Roommate‘s Kent Lambert who used “clips from Lawnmower man 2: beyond cyberspace”, “White chicksand The stupids– all other footage courtesy of Chicago Film Archives.” Below’s Segall‘s video (codirected with one Peter Grimm) for The hill“.

my bad new roommate’s single

The new Roommate video spells “woman trips over cat, hits head, falls into swimming pool, has out of body experience complete with swirling vortex and wraith like demons – music by Roommate, video assembly by Mike Broers who created this mystifying gem out of an ’80s made for tv movie and some kind of Atari machine, or something like that.” Abysmal eh seminal! Moreover, “synthesizer maestro Michael Perkins and the aforementioned Mike Broers have crafted their own version of the song, juicing it up with snazzy chords and spicy textures” dixit Kent Lambert … Free download of that remix here or listen below. (Do check this other Perkins gem whilst you’re on Bandcamp, incidentally.) As for Roommate‘s own music: free download of “My bad” via the Chicago Mixtape 038 but that’s only online for a limited time so hurry, chums, hurry! Also: free download of Roommate’s “A night like this” Cure cover via Cokemachineglow‘s fantasy covers podcast part one; and earlier Guided by Voices cover “Smothered in hugs” still available via the Chicagoist!

a stoner crooner’s guilty rainbow


2011-03-18 will see the release of Roommate‘s third album “Guilty Rainbow” on Antephonic (a sublabel of Chicago’s Contraphonic). Meanwhile, here‘s the video for the new single Snow globe” !

roommate covers collette

Our favourite contemporary recording artist Kent Lambert aka Roommate, who’s about to release his third album, has just covered Ned Collette’s “The country with a smile”. The original is on Mr. Collette’s second album “Future Suture” (Dot Dash 2007). You can find Roommate’s version here:

European tour 2010-05-13 > 2010-06-20: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=120233721324348

Bonus busker version:

keytar klassyk worst keytar videos

= a wonderful video and one of Roommate‘s very best lyrics / songs … the title track off his second album (cd / lp) … and he’s currently finishing his third – without irony, I’m sure. Here’s a photograph of Roommate‘s actual keytar being held by Willie Gault, wide receiver for the 1985 Super Bowl champion Chicago Bears. 

… got the urge to post this after reading Styrofoam‘s linktip http://www.guardian.co.uk/music/2010/feb/01/hey-whats-that-sound-keytar (yikes der Hammer’s sex face) and today the man posted “possible keytar use coming closer and closer”! Is that a keytar revival coming up?!? See also: http://www.synthtopia.com/content/2010/02/25/behold-the-commodore-64-keytar/https://www.explodedstore.com/product.php?product=30

& quite unrelated but exquisite all the same: http://keytarsandviolins.blogspot.com/