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record store day rant

Record Store Day overkill? Seems like what has started as a project to support local initiatives centred around individual record stores, has become a bit of a monster enterprise, taken over by marketing. For weeks on end we’re getting listings and mails and all kinds of social media info and what not from labels àll pushing their products. Normally they’re trying to have us buy those goodies (which they often are) via their websites or other online deals – including the download model almost everyone in the industry is adapting to … bar record stores.

Then once a year the mantra changes into buy our special limited RSD product in your local record store because however expensive those collectable rarities, it’s a good idea to support those stores, after all we’re all nostalgic for that mythic store where people used to buy vinyl so let’s keep some of those around, etc etc“. And yès everyone has a ball, especially those hard working, serious music loving people behind the counter, who are always trying to get hold of whatever we fancy ànd who’re now organising concerts with the help of musicians who dig the good cause. Utterly wonderful, if only because those independent store owners have remarkably better revenues over this period. Crazy, but cool.

Yet for the next eleven months, it’s back to the same old thang: labels & record biz trying to earn more via direct sales and other business to consumer ploys, outsmarting local record stores who’re not up to a par with the big boys’ direct marketing tactics & the smaller setups’ social media strategies. Most of all by announcing their releases long beforehand, trying to coax online orders before actual stores have that product in their distribution listings. Paradoxical (no bugles). And a serious anomaly in a system that should organise (independent) record store sustainability day in day out.

Soit. Anyhow. Okay. RSD is an okay initiative, even if there’s a lot to rant about. Here’s to the original independents caring about a sustainable industry from beginning to end, from the cradle where passionate lovers of music give birth to tunes to the cradle where passionate lovers of music consume that music. Merry tunes! Happy hunting! Stores surviving!

jeff lieberman and 1972’s music biz

A piercing look at youth marketing ;-) [via]
+ about today’s music business see also http://www.basbasbas.com/blog/

neil bogart’s lot

And loads more vids on / by Casablanca artists here … as for background stories, check “And party every day – the inside story of Casablanca Records” (Backbeat 2009, ISBN 9780879309824) by Larry Harris with Curt Gooch and Jeff Suhs … the most dirt-filled music book since Mötley Crüe’s “The Dirt” […] always entertaining and frequently jaw-dropping, from Harris’ description of acting as runner for an enormous amount of cocaine for […] and several female hotel guests […] to tales of calling his own positions on the Billboard charts” (dixit the AV Club’s Michaelangelo Matos). Or is it? Those expecting salacious stories à la Hit Men by Fredric Dannen will be disappointed (Harris challenges this version of events) dixit DJ History. Still, can’t wait to read the book myself!
+ bonus books ’bout the biz:

would you like to

“I threw this together just for my own laughs […] venting […] about various crazy things that industry people actually (or basically) have said to me over the years” (Brooke Lundy).

a 4th cellarful of motown


Utterly wonderful tracks by Holland & Dozier (sung by LaBrenda Ben), by the Monitors (lead vocals by Sandra Fagin) and by the Temptations, and a track to puzzle fans of Edwyn Collins by Robert Dobyne of the Artistics … all off a hard to find v/a 2cd with a hard to read (because badly designed) booklet. Speaking of hard to swallow: don’t you just hate it when labels don’t update their sites? How they don’t even know how to keep a site going that simply lists their catalogue (Blue Note, EMI, Universal …) even if they have all the money in the world? The worst is Universal UK, which redirects you to this impractical nonsense … or just keeps you hangin’ on … Do they think we’re children or whàt!? Just try to find any info on this fourth volume on any of the Universal sites! Worst of all is the url printed on previous volumes of “A Cellarful Of Motown” – where the least Universal UK could do is update the site for those people who come across an old 2cd of a mere couple of years ago and want to learn about newer volumes. Aw, it’s plain awful salesmanship. Anyhoo, this is all I found … a good thing there’s fan fed sites such as Discogs!
http://www.motown45.co.uk/coming.html (sic)