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there’s (gonna be) a storm


… for those Left Banke reprints by those who don’t own the Smash originals, those seminal Bam-Caruso albums or that seminal 1992 Mercury comp yet?


does it rain

The Jam‘s Beatles cover (1980 demo) is off the brand newSound Affects Deluxe Edition(2010-11-08) – very recommended … And la Longet‘s version was recorded (1968-09-12) with the aid of the song’s author Randy Newman. For more rain: https://uzine.wordpress.com/tag/rain/

+ the Five Day Week Straw People:Does it rain

+ the Serendipity Singers: Rain doll

+ Mid Day Rain:Welcome to the rain

+ Claudine Longet: I think it’s going to rain today (cover version)

+ John Martyn: Singin’ in the rain(cover version)

+ Pretty Things: Rain

+ the Jam: Rain (demo) (cover version).

rain rain rain

Does it rain! And beyond Roxy Music and the acts below, see also https://uzine.wordpress.com/tag/rain/ … e.g. for a cover version of In the rain“!

+ British Electric Foundation (BEF): The decline of the west (1981)

+ Tones on Tail: Rain (1984)

+ the Dramatics: “In the rain (1972)

+ Irma Thomas: It’s raining(1961).

wax poetics sleeve books


After the previous post, I guess it’s high time we got back on track sleeve aestheticswise. Quite often, ‘album art’ books (more on the subject elsewhere + to be continued) are boring because they lack originality in their selection (there’s those obvious albums again that you’ve seen way too often whilst diggin’ crates) or in the way they assemble series of sleeves … but these two Wax Poetics books (via PowerHouse) are deluxe, as every sleeve tells a marvellous mystery of a story! Too bad their site doesn’t list the ISBN numbers, viz. 9781576875094 (2009-04) and 9780979811036 (2010-06).

Hey and tnx 4 remindin’ me of this great cover version ofIn the rainby the Wooden Glass featuring Billy Wooten, oh Mr. saloon sessioneer 40 Winks! Do click here for the Dramatics original too …

mandré 4


Sooo of its era … I’m always reminded of the firecracker scene in Boogie Nightswhen I hear tracks like “Rain”… These two tracks are off either side of the “lost” fourth album by Michael Andrew Lewis aka Mandré! “4” was originally released on Future Groove in 1982 (and not 1980), as you can read on the reissue’s inlay. Thank you Rush Hour for reissuing this rarity so beautifully – even though the plastic sleeve is a wee bit too small to get the lp (RH-RSS 1) out easily …