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pop corntinued


Just rereissued: “Original Popcorn” (egg 1969) by Franz Auffray c.s. See also U0226 for a review of the 2002 cd reissue on Pulp Flavor (DD-028).


better butter that popcorn mumsy

What a performance! Apart from this utterly fantastic tv version of Mother popcorn“, here’s the rather rare long version (parts 1 ànd 2) too … as funkified by James Brown (and Maceo and Fred and Pee Wee and Clyde and Sweet Charles and …) in 1969 – the same year Gershon Kingsley concocted his “Popcorn” original … though as you can read in Douglas Wolk‘s mother of an article here, Mr. JB seems to have been the original architect of popcornitude. (Check out what Wolk means by “the single greatest instant in the history of recorded sound” at 4’15” into what is indeed “one of the most monstrously funky records ever made”.)

Heh hèh … àll this just to remind y’all of that other Popcorn event this Saturday 2010-03-13!

2010-03-13: popcorn galore

2010-03-13, viz. sum 40 years after the original recording: release party of the “Popcorn” v/a covers compilation 2lp on Dennis Tyfus’ Ultra Eczema label slash endeavour! After the La Bambaambiulance, the corniness will really explode this time around. Bring your own butter ‘cuz you can expect the whole Antwerp scene to be present, just burning to socialise and act like a salty god.