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matching mole one


An alternative triad of that most moving triptych “O Caroline / Instant pussy / Signed curtainwhich so brilliantly opens Matching Mole’s untitled first lp (CBS 1972), with Robert Wyatt writing and singing one of the most beautiful and (deceivingly) simple songs of heartbreak in history – ultimately meta. All off Esoteric’s Matching Mole (Expanded Edition)2cd (ECLEC 22311, 2012) … Do rush out and buy it, if only for the long (lp) version of O Carolineor for the previously unreleased “Horse” (1972-01). Hey and more on Matching Mole in the previous post!



mom, dad, meet john olson


John Olson (unrelated to Peggy) was a war photographer in Vietnam, first and foremost. He took these photographs for Life Magazine in 1971. They kinda remind me of Hannes Schmid‘s work …

dave bartholomew’s saga of new orleans rhythm & blues


After yesterday’s stupendous Toussaint / Ribot concert, here’s some more New Orleans … Three Dave Bartholomew produced tracks off The Big Beat – The Dave Bartholomew Songbook(Ace CDCHD 1303, 2011) and one Dave Bartholomew original off New Orleans Rhythm and Blues – Good Rockin’ Tonight(2004, Saga Blues #18). The picture above is by the fine New York music photographer Jacob Blickenstaff. Source: http://www.3313photo.com/2011/07/dave-bartholomew-cosimo-matassa-portrait/

hannes schmid smokin’ rockstar photographer


Uriah Heep‘s bassist Trevor Bolder and his family, as photographed by Hannes Schmid in 1980. Featured in his book Rockstars”  (ed. Patrick Frey 2009-08, ISBN 9783905509847) ànd part of the expo Family lifein Brussels. And a few other rockstars … Switzerland‘s Schmid, however, is most famous as the official photographer for Marlboro cigarettes. Oh and do check John Olson’s photographs too!

telex’ neurovision 1980-04-19

“‘Euro-Vision‘ […] has in fact become known as one of the landmarks of Eurovision, as it was the first entry ever to mention the Contest by name as part of what is generally agreed to have been a send-up of the whole event” + “The Eurovision audience seemed unsure how to react to the performance, and after the band stopped playing, there was mostly stunned silence, with scattered polite applause; Michel Moers took a photograph of the bewildered audience. The band walked off amid sounds of muttering.” Dixit Wikipedia-the-Free-Encyclopedia. But our quiz question reads: what’s the name of Telex’ master choreographer?

the walrus was cole


IM Paul Cole (1911 – 2008-02-13). He’s also featured here – though not here. The front cover design was based on sketched ideas by Paul McCartney and taken on 1969-08-08 outside EMI Studios on Abbey Road, London, England. At around 11:30 that morning, photographer Iain Macmillan was given only ten minutes to take the photo whilst he stood on a step-ladder and a policeman held up the traffic. [All sources mentioned via the links above or below.]
Bonus bull eh blog: http://heydullblog.blogspot.com/ !

ecm’s peacock art


Windfall light – the visual language of ECM(Lars Müller 2009-11, ISBN 9783037781579 in English, 9783037781975 auf Deutsch) features approx. 1300 illustrations from the archives of the Edition of Contemporary Music (ECM) record label (not just sleeve art). The book supersedes their Sleeves of desire(Lars Müller 1996-04, ISBN 9783906700854, also Princeton Architectural Press 1996-07, ISBN 9781568980645). The publisher’s site is not at all handy (one of the most impractical ever, actually), so do use the More / Order drop down menu to have a look inside the book. Fans may also appreciate a gentle reminder re: Horizons touched – the music of ECMby Steve Lake & Paul Griffiths (Granta 2007-04-02, ISBN 9781862078802). Discovered via http://historyofourworld.wordpress.com/2010/11/10/windfall-light-the-visual-language-of-ecm/ ! And re: the music do read the background info … or the next post

+ “Safe” by Annette Peacock (2000, off “An Acrobat’s Heart” on ECM)