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hope hikasu’s well


Kinda klumsy, I’ll admit, how some of us are voicing our distress at the Fukushima tragedy by posting this Kraftwerk song, isn’t it … To me, Hikasu’s is the most appropriate cover version today. (Meanwhile, I really hope the use of sayonara will stay scarce, even though we may have strong feelings that some government officials and Tepco / Tokyo Electric Power Co. should resign some time soon … Somehow I’m confident they won’t hala-kiwi themselves in the plant to make up for their mistakes. I do hope they’ll have to answer to the people of Japan for their fatal lack of judgement.) [Tnx OD + bonus.]

nuklearvisionen, mandarinenträume and other ddr recollections

Gleitzeit were from Bavaria but recorded this cold war era gem around 1982 for the Nuclearvisionsoundtrack and also released it on a 7″ + the v/a Monte Video München wünscht sich einen guten Morgencompilation package (1983); it was recompiled by a bunch of International dj Gigolos in 2003. Die Antye Greie-Fuchs aka AGF released her “Regional distinction” testimonial on the Futurism Ain’t Shit To Me [#1]” v/a cd on KYO / KittyYo (KYO-001, 2004). Und if you’re at all interested: the Mandarinenträume – Electronic Escapes From The Deutsche Demokratische Republik 1981-1989” v/a album (Permanent Vacation, 2010) has eight tracks less than the cd, but features one track not featured on the cd (“Seidenstrasse” by Wolfgang Paule Fuchs aka Pond is okay but not amazing).