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ken lovecraft & hp nordine


When in Chicago … Indeed, Ken Nordine has contributed to the second HP Lovecraft lp (1968, limited 2011-06 reprint via Subway, most recently on cd via Rev-Ola, in 2000 via a now deleted Collector’s Choice cd)! As for the source of the other tracks here (1957-1960) … I’ve added extra sleeves & an addendum to a previous Nordine post which you can access via http://uzine.posterous.com/kool-ken-nordine

kool ken nordine


Yeah! Old Ken Nordine stuff reissued at half-a-midprice via the Real Gone Jazz budget reissue label (sublabel of Music Melon). Remastered from vinyl, at times, but both 2cd’s come with an okay booklet featuring discographical information … and don’t fully overlap with You’re Getting Better: The Word Jazz Dot Masters(released 2005-11-18 and spanning about the same 1957-1960 period). Also, Hip-o-Select‘s (sold out) 2cd doesn’t feature the Love Wordslp (1958) from which these four (out of twelve) jazz standard covers were taken … It does feature “Secretary”, though, which is orignally off the “Son Of Word Jazz” lp (Dot 1958). “The wanderer” is from the “Incredible But True” radio show hosted & narrated by Ken Nordine; some recordings released on lp by Columbia in 1951. Do note that there were 15 minute and 3 minute versions of the show syndicated, and both used the same host the most holy-o Ken Nordine! Addendum: apparently, Chrome Dreams have reissued the four Word Jazz albums on a 2010 budget 2cd entitled Word Jazz The Complete 1950s Recordings“; booklet and packaging aren’t half as cool as Hip-o-Select’s, though.


Ken Nordine recorded “Green” around 1966 or 1967 for his “Colors” lp.
Image source: http://thegreenercleanerkatonah.com/what-makes-us-greener/green-posers/hydrocarbon/


win your un-thing: dacron polyester

Viva Peter Max c.s.! And is that Elvis singing?!?

Discovered via:




The Levi’s ad actually reminds me of “La Planète Sauvage” (Laloux / Topor)


+ check the soundtrack review via http://uzine.posterous.com/issn-13773828  > U0101.


& the Levi’s spot features Ken Nordine – do click the Nordine Ken tag to discover a rarity!

ken nordine !

But no trace of this here Nordine & Dead Man Ray collaboration … no trace of that in the Daan Belpop documentary either ;-)

Dead Man Ray: “Blue Volkswagen” (off the “Cago” cd, released 2002-11). Music by Elko Blijweert, Herman Houbrechts, Daan Stuyven, Rudy Trouvé & Wouter Van Belle. Lyrics by Ken Nordine and Daan. Produced & mixed by Steve Albini at Electrical Studios, C(hic)ago, mastered in London.

Hey yo yo yo & give that “Cago” another listen!!
Find those Colin Newman and Atom™ remixes!!
Check that (pre Pet Shop Boys) Hoogerbrugge video!!
http://www.deadbeattown.com/  > bands
http://blog.seniorennet.be/blyweert/archief.php?ID=52  :-))
+ do click the Nordine Ken tag with this post to see a Levi’s ad he contributed to!

re: Nordine: http://www.wordjazz.com/ + http://uncertaintimes.tumblr.com/search/nordine + …

#1: the back catalogue (aka ISSN 13773828)

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