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new wave copy centre zones

New wave revival or pastiche? Speedqueen feat. Dennis Tyfus & Milan Warmoeskerken … the latter is also in Tone Zones alongside Elko Blijweert … who recorded the exquisite Front 242 cover version below!

Kinda reminds me of “Chicks in leather“, btw … Also, how come LiMo’s “Das Ist Der Rhythmus, Mit Dem Du Mit Mu├čt” (2002) isn’t on YouTube yet?


more from rick hall’s fame studios


After yesterday’s post on Kent’s F.A.M.E. Studios 3cd, you might think it’s a groovy v/a comp. Well no, it has its moments, but it’s mostly deep soul ballads you’ll find onThe Fame Studio Story 1961-1973 Home Of The Muscle Shoals Sound… Sometimes in less obvious versions, but always high quality performances … even if they were sung by some unknown singer. But I wanted to show the funky side too, yesterday, because that often gets overlooked by a certain ‘beer, blues ‘n’ soul’ audience, no? As if northern soul = uptempo vs. southern soul = downtempo. And as if there isn’t enough confusion re: Muscle Shoals already! Anyhoo, enjoy the ups ànd the downs ;-)

a black mass for wasted schlemiels


Imho this long, hitherto unknown looped version of “Black mass” by Jason Crest was secretly cut to acetate for private use (a séance, a projection) by some crafty engineer (with a penchant for occultism) who was working at the studio at the time … The short (regular) version can be found on the B side of the A place in the sun7″ (Philips UK 1969-08) or more easily via the Rubble Four The 49 Minute Technicolour Dreamv/a lp (Bam-Caruso 1984 or 1986, KIRI 027) or The Rubble Collection 2v/a cd (Bam-Caruso 1992, cat. no. RUBBLE CD 2); all Rubble” volumes have been reissued by Past & Present on cd and lp a couple of years ago, incidentally. The hidden track after “Wasted ground” is “Merry go round” by ? (unknown acetate). All of the tracks on display here are off the brand new “Psychedelic Schlemiels 4 More Lost Sounds From The Britpsych Scene 1966-1969” v/a cd (Wooden Hill 2010, cat. no. WHCD031).