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hail the new puritan shivering man gilbert clark

Oh Mister Noisegate, bring me a dance … After Mego’s reissue of Bruce Gilbert’s solo debut This Way“, I’m hoping for a full reissue (no tracks missing, e.g. There are“) of The Shivering Man“, BC Gilbert‘s second solo album, on cd, deluxe and all … Both albums include work used by Michael Clark, as you can witness from the Hail the new puritan(Charles Atlas 1986) footage here: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5. (More on Clark in the next post.) Note, too, that ‘debut’ does not mean ‘earliest recordings‘ … Update: it’s happened, on cd ànd 2lp.

so and slow it grows

Wir = Wire around 1991-1992 when Bruce Gilbert, Graham Lewis & Colin Newman assembled without drummer Robert Gotobed. Wir’s released an album The First Letter(Mute cat. no. STUMM87, 1991-10) and a single So And Slow It Grows(Mute cat. no. MUTE107, 1991-11). The latter also featured remixes by the Orb and LFO – with Mark Bell & Gez Varley remixing album track “Take it (for greedy)”. Despite it all, the band once again failed to sell by the billions. They wouldn’t return to the scene until around 2000 … Hey and dig the slowness here too ;-)

household silicon teens machine

The Animatic … by Yuri Suzuki & designer duo Household (George Wu + Sarah Gottlieb)!
Via: http://www.everydaylistening.com/articles/2010/3/8/the-book-of-orchestra.html
See also: http://uzine.posterous.com/suzuki-sound-chaser-art
Music by Daniel Miller in his Silicon Teens disguise; here’s the original clip …

buzz buzz buzz


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