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telex’ neurovision 1980-04-19

“‘Euro-Vision‘ […] has in fact become known as one of the landmarks of Eurovision, as it was the first entry ever to mention the Contest by name as part of what is generally agreed to have been a send-up of the whole event” + “The Eurovision audience seemed unsure how to react to the performance, and after the band stopped playing, there was mostly stunned silence, with scattered polite applause; Michel Moers took a photograph of the bewildered audience. The band walked off amid sounds of muttering.” Dixit Wikipedia-the-Free-Encyclopedia. But our quiz question reads: what’s the name of Telex’ master choreographer?

en route

(I.M. Marc Moulin.)

la brabançonne


Top version, exquisite lyrics! La Brabançonne by les Tueurs de la Lune de Miel (the Honeymoon Killers), off Special Manubre (1977 lp on Marc Moulin’s short lived Kamikaze label / 2009 cd with bonus tracks on Crammed) …

funnest belgian band?

Les Tueurs de la Lune de Miel = the Honeymoon Killers released one classic album in 1982 (and a couple of singles in 1981-1983), with the aid of Marc Moulin & Dan Lacksman of Telex fame (see tag) … Compared to that masterpiece, their wild 1977 debut Special Manubremerely has its moments, e.g. Blankenberghe“, with its exquisitely bored lyrics. This Jimi Hendrix / Band of Gypsys cover was not on the original lp; it was recorded by key member Gérald Fenerberg in a rehearsal room in Brussels, 1977, and features as a bonus track on Crammed‘s 2009 cd reissue.

Incidentally re: their Charles Trenet cover RN7(1981), that 1’15” > 1’41” break actually dates back to 1977 when related band Aqsak > Aksak Maboul recorded this Duke Ellington cover (and segued it with their own “Vapona, not glue”).

Hey & fyi: Crammed has launched its – impressive – own YT channel!

IM Yvon Vromman 1950-1989.

bernard fevre fever

Got this man Fèvre feverishly on repeat:


! more tracks on the cd than on the lp, apparently (hurry, it’s ltd) – for fans of Spoerri, Carpenter, early Human League (the Future), Trunk stuff, … but also Duke, Hancock, Moulin …