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frieda von ipanema sufferin’ from tyfus contour


Jobim & Moraes’ Garota de Ipanemain a version by Mrs. Miller (1966) by way of tribute to Dennis Tyfus’ Gargles from Ipanemainstallation, which you can experience ‘neath the platforms of Mechelen’s Nekkerspoel train station until 2011-10-30 as part of the Contour 2011 5th Biennial of Moving Image. Whether you know Frieda or not, I urge you to go and see the installation! You can hear a taster of Vom Grill & Remörk‘s one hour soundtrack here, as two excerpts have been released on an Ültra Eczema 10″ (cat. no. UE105). The Anthony Kiendl curated Contour will also bring Lee Ranaldo & Leah Singer to Malines on 2011-09-30, while Chicks on Speed, the late Brion Gysin and Anne-Mie Van Kerckhoven / Club Moral are contributing art too. Addendum: a sad ending / premature removal of the installation


jobim by night

Not really a mashup but an excellent pairing of “Insensatez” by Stan Getz and Luiz Bonfá (with vocals by Maria Helena Toledo) and some of the (near) final scenes of Michelangelo Antonioni’s “La notte” (which has a great jazz club track on the soundtrack, incidentally) featuring Marcello Mastroianni, Jeanne Moreau and Monica Vitti. [Tnx C’t!]