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simple, heart stealing belgian wave

Alongside Pas de Deux and BeNe GeSSeRiT (see yesterday’s post), the eight track “Belgian Wave & Pop Songs From The 1980’s” v/a compilation lp (Popwave 01) also features tracks by Kaa Antilope, Vitor Hublot and SubjectCardiocleptomanie (Brabant, 1983, video by Walter Verdin) can also be found on “The Hidden Tapes – A Compilation Of Minimal Wave From Around the World ‘79-‘85” (Minimal Wave v/a lp cat. no. MW030, rel. 2011-05-17) … “Aller simple” (Hainaut, 1983) was already featured on 2006’s Bipp (French Synth-Wave 1979/85)” v/a comp (Born Bad 002).

minimal wave from the first half of the eighties


Reiterating upon earlier minimal & cold wave posts, I’ve finally found time to get back to this essential release (Stone’s Throw STH2223, 2010-01-26) … Here’s three tracks, from Madrid, Spain (1980), Brighton, UK (1982) and Seneffe, Belgium (1985), and a few extra links. Can’t wait for volume two, actually!

faeve rmxs


Here’s two of my all time utter fave Ae remixes, from 1995 (2×12″ / scd) and 1994 (12″ / scd).

And here’s a brand new Autechre mix I’ve yet to discover … http://www.factmag.com/2010/02/08/fact-mix-122-autechre/ – tnx Fact + tnx o Eavesdropper for alerting yer ffrenz!

Hey and while you’re visiting Fact mag, do check :
= http://www.stonesthrow.com/news/2010/01/20-best-minimal-wave
~ v/a cd / 2lp (vol. 1) on http://www.minimalwave.com/