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IM Leonard Cohen

… and still proud of this album review / contemporary assessment of Cohen’s career : 2002 review of Leonard Cohen’s Ten New Songs album !

zing je moerstaal


Holland, 1976: Ad Visser compiles & produces a various artists lp for the CPNB (Commission for Collective Propaganda of the Dutch Book) as the yearly Boekenweekgeschenk. On “Zing Je Moerstaal” (sing in your mother’s tongue), contemporary artists such as Bots, Alexander Curly, Boudewijn de Groot, Earth & Fire, Focus, Fungus, Kayak, Peter Koelewijn, Robert Long, Lucifer, Maggie MacNeal and Drs P interpret lyrics written by contemporary authors such as Cees Buddingh’, Simon Carmiggelt, Jules Deelder, Wim de Vries, Theun de Winter, Hans Dorrestijn, Judith Herzberg, Jan Kal, Gerrit Komrij, Harry Mulisch, Nico Scheepmaker and Bert Schierbeek. Highlights:

  • “De tijd zegt niets” (Judith Herzberg) by Earth & Fire (1976)
  • “Avondrood” (Jules Deelder) by Focus; instrumental version released as “Red sky at night”
  • “De kinderballade” (Gerrit Komrij) by Boudewijn de Groot (1976)
  • “Sober leven” (Nico Scheepmaker) by Drs. P. (1976).

    Reissue please!

    Hey and talking reissues: did you know we’ve launched a Reissue & Reprint Request Page (RRR) page on Fb aimed at record companies and the like, in view of getting rare & obscure recordings dug up and (re)released? Anyone can place his requests, spam will be deleted.


    b woorden


    … more via http://uzine.posterous.com/a-woordentrack takes 10″ to start, btw

    a woorden


    Released in 1966 (1967?) (1968?) on Dutch label Omega, cat. no. 333.023. Poems by Hans Wesseling (Groep 1850), Simon Vinkenoog and Bob Lens. Music by Maarten van Regteren Altena, John Engels Jr. and Nona. Source: These Trails. Track takes 15″ to eh take off.

    moeder aarde


    Expanding on SnaporazMother Earth post here’s another far out & phased psychedelic trip featuring Hans Wesseling’s poem “Moeder aarde” … Groep / Group 1850 was essentially the band of Peter Sjardin and Daniel van Bergen; on Group 1850‘s debut album “Agemo’s TripTo Mother Earth” (1968) Hans van Hemert and poet Hans Wesseling (in ‘action’ on this track between 5’20” and 10’44”) play an important part too. More on the latter in a future post!
    & don’t you just love all those awfully designed sites about psychedelic music ;-/