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vivat vadim & viva nilovic

Sadly, the Vadim label seems to be in trouble. They’re selling out their catalogue at destock discount prices (hurry), they’ve closed their blog, and they’ve put their site to sleep. Hopefully Vadim will reawaken reinvigorated! By way of praise & support, here’s a number of tracks by Janko Nilovic, an artist most championed by Vadim (in France and by Cosmic Sounds in the UK) via eight or more releases, viz. Funky Tramway(with Mad Unity in 1975 / reissued 2011), Psyc Impressions(1969 / 2011), Soul Impressions(1975 / 2011), Last Impressions(compilation, 2007), Vocal Impressions(with Dave Sucky in 1971 / 2006), Chorus(1974 / 2006), Rythmes Contemporains(1974 / 2010),Paris Pop Galaxy(remixed by Eric Caspar, Pulp Flavor 2002) and I’m sure I’m forgetting some. Most of Nilovic’s work was produced for les éditions Montparnasse 2000 of course. Personal favourites include:

  • “Aérospatial” (1971?)
  • “Atchika boum” (1971)
  • “Improvisations pour deux voix” (1971)
  • “Black Swan Lake” (1975)


madeline bell at themes international music


Madeline Bell, Alan Parker c.s. in 1976, for Parker’s Themes International library label … just reissued on (Dutton) Vocalion (CDSML 8473, 2011). The sleeve’s nicked off Millie Jackson‘s It Hurts So Good(Spring 1973), actually. Album’s got the tracks with Bell vocals, and without.

italo funk experience


A Goblink Floyd ripoff or other Oldfieldesque exorcism + a few other gems off the (Big Bang Present) Italian Funk Experience (Synth Funk, Italo-Exploitation & Espresso-Jazz From Italy 1969-1980) v/a cd. Mostly filled with Italian library, it’s not as exquisite as the French volume, sadly. Also just out in Nascente‘s half-a-midprice Funk Experienceseries: (DJ Andy Smith & Keith Lawrence Present) Jamaican Funk Experience (Rude-Boy Riddims, Skanking Horns & Boss Reggae) – similarly great but not grandiose.

maddening unity


After “Here Comes The Crazy Man!” (Vogue 1974), Koen De Bruyne (RIP 1977), Patricia Maesen (RIP 1996) and Jean-Pierre Onraedt also played / sang on Funky Tramway(Vogue 1975) by Mad Unity, aka legendary library man Janco Nilovic‘s Brussels project. As reissued by Vadim (cd ànd lp) this Summer (2011) …

spatial smurfissimo


More Sauveur Mallia library smurfivity via Spatial Disco 2on Electunes … 10 track lp, 22 track cd, both utterly smurf!