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new orleans’ latin tinge

Reginald D. Hunter : “If somebody was coming to New Orleans for the first time and they wanted to put their finger on one thing that would make them begin to understand what the New Orleans vibe was about, what would recommend that they put their finger on in New Orleans?”

Mac Rebennack (Dr. John) : “I’ll say it as Jelly Roll Morton said this first : it ain’t New Orleans if it ain’t got that latin tinge. Because it’s kinda the top end of the Carribean whether it’s Haitian or whether it’s Dominican Republic or whether it’s Cuba or …This was just a outpost for that, all of that …”

Source: Reginald D. Hunter’s Songs Of The South (episode 3, BBC tv 2015). Indeed:

“Jelly Roll Morton considered the tresillo/habanera (which he called the Spanish tinge) to be an essential ingredient of jazz. The habanera rhythm can be heard in his left hand on songs like “The Crave” (1910, recorded 1938). “Now in one of my earliest tunes, “New Orleans Blues,” you can notice the Spanish tinge. In fact, if you can’t manage to put tinges of Spanish in your tunes, you will never be able to get the right seasoning, I call it, for jazz – Morton (1938: Library of Congress Recording).” Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Latin_jazz

And also : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spanish_Tinge

See also : http://musicrising.tulane.edu/learn/course/30/The-Latin-Tinge-Jazz-and-Latin-American-Music-in-New-Orleans-and-Beyond


stranded nay lost in the jungle


“Lost in the jungle” by la Cucaracha Brass (aka the Latin Chords) is off the Long Live Boogaloo (22 Rare Latin Boogaloos From Spanish Harlem ’63-’72)v/a 2lp (2012-04-17) or cd (2012-05-08) on Secret Stash. Shorty Long’s 1968 version of Stranded in the jungleis off Here Comes… The Complete Motown Stereo Masterson Kent (2012-03), as described earlier. For the Jayhawks’ original version, the Gadabouts’ interpretation and two of the Cadets’ versions of Stranded in the junglesee http://uzine.posterous.com/first-to-be-stranded-in-the-jungle … Hey and did you know that the Jayhaws rerecorded their 1956 classic as the Vibrations in 1961?

lisa carbon’s space oddity


Another version of Bowie’sSpace oddity“, and two more tracks off Lisa Carbon’s final album Standardsas produced by Atom™ for Rather Interesting (RI 061, released 2003-06-02).

rip ray bryant

IM Ray Bryant (1931-12-24 > 2011-06-02), author ofCubano chantand other classics, e.g. The Madison” …

salsa funk experience


… it’s a series, actually … and at less than midprice, it’s truly excellent …

tropical funk fever


A New Orleans traditional covered in Panama 1969 a.d. + two more tracks (1970s) off Quantic presents Tropical Funk Experience(NSFUNK004, 2010-09-27), a new volume in Nascente‘s excellent budget series of unmixed v/a cd compilations … and a second Tropical Funk Experience(after NSFUNK002) at that. Source of the Francisco Greaves image: Soundway … cf. their three volume Panama!On The Ishtmusv/a 2lp & cd comps. Highlights:

  • Little Francisco Greaves: “Hiko-iko”
  • Sugar Ice Tea: “Palo bonito”
  • Mauricio Smith: “Getting it together”.

panama where the living is easy


… a wonderful version of Gershwin’s Summertime … a wigged out James Brown eh tribute … and then some … but nothing as grand as that wonderful Bill Withers cover on volume 2all on Soundway!