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nico im spiegelsaal

How come Nico‘s never covered this magnificent song (“SpiegelsaalakaHall of mirrors“)? (Not even live?) And vice versa: Kraftwerk exceptionally covering NibelungenorFrozen warnings?

hope hikasu’s well


Kinda klumsy, I’ll admit, how some of us are voicing our distress at the Fukushima tragedy by posting this Kraftwerk song, isn’t it … To me, Hikasu’s is the most appropriate cover version today. (Meanwhile, I really hope the use of sayonara will stay scarce, even though we may have strong feelings that some government officials and Tepco / Tokyo Electric Power Co. should resign some time soon … Somehow I’m confident they won’t hala-kiwi themselves in the plant to make up for their mistakes. I do hope they’ll have to answer to the people of Japan for their fatal lack of judgement.) [Tnx OD + bonus.]

move over talbot & weller, it’s the stylophone council

The original is by Tommy Roe (1966) … And do check the Stylophone Council's version of Kraftwerk's "Das Model" (1978) too!


Words fail me. Links too ;-) Bonus:

stevie, roger and the vocoder book

Dave Tompkins has a vocoder blog ànd he’s just published a book on the vocoder: “How To Wreck A Nice Beach – The Vocoder From World War II To Hip Hop – The Machine Speaks” (Chicago: Stop Smiling 2010). Do not confuse a vocoder and a talk box, however … the former is a lot more hygienic, and the latter a lot more funky! Indeed, Mr. Tompkins also wrote a superb article on the talk box and those who used it (tank pilots, Alvino Rey, Doug Forbes, Pete Drake, Stevie Wonder, Peter Frampton, Roger Troutman, Florian Schneider, dj Quik et al.) for Wax Poetics magazine (issue #35), but sadly there’s no trace of it on his blog. [Hopefully, there is in his book … There used to be a pdf of the article online but I can’t remember / trace back where that was.] In any case, Stevie Wonder was the first to give the talk box wide visibility, when he put on his tube on the tube, for a 1973 broadcast of Sesame Street … which Roger Troutman witnessed over at a cousin’s house, and the rest is history … so there. Meanwhile, here’s how to make your own talk box (be sure to have strong teeth + do buy some antiseptic mouth wash as well to avoid weird stomach viruses) + more on the talk box here (5′ into the interview) or via the links below … (We miss you Roger!)