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of muscle shoals fame and renown

Out since 2013-09-27: a documentary by Greg ‘Freddy’ Camalier on the – utterly soulful – music scene in Muscle Shoals, Alabama, USA, and that unique sound that emanated from Fame Studios and Muscle Shoals Sound Studio!


stranded nay lost in the jungle


“Lost in the jungle” by la Cucaracha Brass (aka the Latin Chords) is off the Long Live Boogaloo (22 Rare Latin Boogaloos From Spanish Harlem ’63-’72)v/a 2lp (2012-04-17) or cd (2012-05-08) on Secret Stash. Shorty Long’s 1968 version of Stranded in the jungleis off Here Comes… The Complete Motown Stereo Masterson Kent (2012-03), as described earlier. For the Jayhawks’ original version, the Gadabouts’ interpretation and two of the Cadets’ versions of Stranded in the junglesee http://uzine.posterous.com/first-to-be-stranded-in-the-jungle … Hey and did you know that the Jayhaws rerecorded their 1956 classic as the Vibrations in 1961?

a shorty longer shade of pale


Frederick ‘Shorty’ Long’s Motown recordings – mostly from 1968, including “Here comes the judge”, “Ain’t no justice”, “Night fo’ last”, “Don’t mess with my weekend”, “Here comes Fat Albert”, “Function at the junction”, “Stranded in the jungleànd an awful interpretation of “A whiter shade of pale” (1969 the latter) – have been compiled by Kent on Here Comes… The Complete Motown Stereo Masters(2012-03, cat. no. CDTOP 369).

james etta


Pt. 2 of http://uzine.posterous.com/im-etta-james … I.M. Etta James (1938-01-25 > 2012-01-20). Hey and do check Esther Phillips‘ 1976 version ofAll the way downhere: http://uzine.posterous.com/esthers-version

im etta james

RIP soul queen Etta James (73) who’d been taken into hospital, suffering from leukemia. Legendary for her recordings on Chess, she had recently released what had been announced as her last  album on Verve Forecast: The Dreamer (2011-11-08) – before that she was on RCA Victor. On the reissue front, there’s just been a box set on Hip-O Select: Heart & Soul – A Retrospective(2011-10), while Kent / Ace have equally launched a number of reissues with bonus tracks viz. Call My NameandLosers Weepers“. More on Etta in my next post!

soul (wo)man bobby marchan


A 1974 stomper and four tracks off Get Down With It: The Soul Sides 1963-67(Kent CDKEND357, 2011-07), a compilation of some sixties solo recordings by the New Orleans drag queen and former front man of Huey ‘Piano’ Smith’s Clowns, including Marchan‘s 1967 remake of Smith’s Rockin’ pneumonia“Funny style” is also featured on Kent’s The Fame Studio Story 1961-1973 Home Of The Muscle Shoals Soundv/a 3cd, incidentally. More on that elsewhere.

more from rick hall’s fame studios


After yesterday’s post on Kent’s F.A.M.E. Studios 3cd, you might think it’s a groovy v/a comp. Well no, it has its moments, but it’s mostly deep soul ballads you’ll find onThe Fame Studio Story 1961-1973 Home Of The Muscle Shoals Sound… Sometimes in less obvious versions, but always high quality performances … even if they were sung by some unknown singer. But I wanted to show the funky side too, yesterday, because that often gets overlooked by a certain ‘beer, blues ‘n’ soul’ audience, no? As if northern soul = uptempo vs. southern soul = downtempo. And as if there isn’t enough confusion re: Muscle Shoals already! Anyhoo, enjoy the ups ànd the downs ;-)