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gary sloan’s clone harmonica blues

The wonderful title track of the rare “Harmonitalk” lp (KM 1980) by the Alaskan synthesizer trio Gary Sloan and Clone, equally consisting of Paul Alexander and Kurt Riemann. They were heavily into ARP gear, also using Poly-Moog and Emu. Finders Keepers sublabel Cache Cache have just reissued their gem before Summer started (2012-06-17). The cd edition (CACHE04CD) has a twenty minute bonus track “Mix he said (jam)” (see below), taken from a privately released cassette of “Clone Jam” sessions … which are now being rereleased on K7 by Cache Cache too: “Clone Tapes” (CACHETTE002). Not to be confused with http://www.deltaboogie.com/deltamusicians/sloang/ … More info: http://www.finderskeepersrecords.com/discog_cache04.html  [info on bonus track not correct] + http://www.finderskeepersrecords.com/discog_cachette002.html

skierka also tapered


Updating https://uzine.wordpress.com/2010/01/07/k7-return-of-the-return-of-lo-tech/ here’s Jeff Skierka’s designer table: http://www.jeffskierkadesigns.com/portfolio-table.html

camberwell now!


After the legendary This Heat came Camberwell Nowagain featuring Charles Hayward, accompanied by Trefor Goronwy & Stephen Rickard and, in 1986, Maria Lamburn. Their complete works can be found on one fine cd (DUP0022) via ReR Megacorp or Locus Solus aka Recommended Japan: All’s Well (The Complete LP, EPs Collection: Meridian, The Ghost Trade, Greenfingers)“. Recorded 1982-1986, remastered 2006. Two tracks are missing, though:Trade winds and For those in peril on the sea“. But we get a remake of Splash“, viz.Resplash(off Sub Rosa‘s Myths 1 – Instructions For Survivalv/a compilation), and Daddy needs a throneoff the Ritual Magnetic Northv/a K7 tape on Touch.

cassette tape art continued


Still not too impressed by Sami Havia’s more recent cassette paintings but it’s an addition to this year old k7 post … Was more impressed by Dennis Tyfus’ tape art back at Factor 44!

nick nicely stratosphearical


One for pimply little postboys everywhere! Cycladelic I tells ya, and a huge influence on Partridge’s Dukes! Really love this early eighties sounding psychedelia – kinda reminds me of a cross between Grind“, Talk Talk and Duran Duran … with a whiff of Stephen Duffy. The four tracks below date from 1980, 1981 and 1983; Nick Nicely‘s “Psychotropia” compilation was first released in 2004 by Sanctuary (cd) and Tenth Planet (lp), and now it’s been reissued by Grapefruit (via Cherry Red, 2010). Update #1: there’s a more recent vinyl lp on Captured Tracks: Elegant Daze(CT-126, 2011-11-29), while Fruits de Mer have released a 7″ with both a new and the original version of Hilly Fields(cat. no. Crustacean 27, 2012) ànd have announced Nick’s new album Lysergiafor “sometime in 2012”. Unclear when & whether that will appear on lp / cd but the cassette edition on Burger has already sold out, apparently. Update #2: Mr Nicely will perform at the Wastelands festival at Dok, Ghent (Belgium) on 2012-08-11 (18:30 CET).