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for your precious love


The 1958 demo of the original version by the Impressions is off Bandera Doo Wop“, while Aaron Neville’s Orchid In The Stormversion (1985), candy sweet though it may be, has a unique quality – its style kinda fits in with Leonard Cohen’s Ten New Songsincidentally.

bandera doowop from chicago


Four tracks (and another one in a future post) off the Bandera Doo Wopv/a cd on Ace Limited Edition (CDLUX 005, 2011). What’s with the limited edition we asked Ace. Answered one friendly Neil: over the years there have been quite a few projects which we haven’t been able to do because licensing in the tracks would be so expensive that we’d have to sell Beyonce-like quantities for the project to break even. Although we have still done projects that don’t ‘cost’, too many of these and clearly we’d be in trouble. The CDLUX releases are a way round this problem. The slightly higher price enables the release to break even on a realistic number of sales. Although they are limited editions, we always try and press up sufficient quantities for them to stay in catalogue for several years. I think all the Lux releases except for the very first one are still available.”