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AFX fns r mncs? Via: http://www.eclectro.nl/2010-10-02-wie-van-de-3-met-aphex-twin



YT’s edit of Klaus Schulze‘s classic Totem“, off his Picture Music lp (Brain 1975-01), recorded late 1974, and an Autechre rarity from twenty years later. This remix of “Silverside” (off their second album Amber“, Warp 1994-11) is off the free v/a FMCD with issue 27 (1995-01) of Future Music magazine.

the yes of their generaetion


… and this is their “Owner of a lonely haert” Overstepsdidn’t impress me, whatever the ‘they’re back at it’ praise, and neither does Move Of Ten– bar the third track “pce freeze 2.8i”. Bonus: a rare Ae gem from 1995, off the Mind The Gap Volume 5v/a cd, free with Gonzo Circus #18, 1995-11 …

da lambda festival, antwerp 2010-04-29 > 2010-05-02

Asa Nisi Masa by As One

Kirk Degiorgio, Plaid, Sendai, Sickboy, Anton Price, Inner Sun, Drummers without Drums, dj’s, visual performances and a live coding workshop and many more @ CC Luchtbal in Antwerp, Belgium, 2010-04-29 > 2010-05-02 … For a quick scan of the line-ups + ticket info: http://www.ccluchtbal.be/eCache/CLU/30/00/624.cmVjPTgwNjEzNDE.html … For more on the festival incl. links to artists: http://lambdafestival.wordpress.com/ + http://dagosondervan.wordpress.com/lambda-elektronisch-muziekfestival/ + http://www.facebook.com/pages/Antwerp-Belgium/LAMBDA-elektronisch-muziekfestival/349908877238 + http://www.facebook.com/pages/Antwerp-Belgium/LAMBDA-elektronisch-muziekfestival/349908877238#!/event.php?eid=321828586581

ain’t but one dice man

… lest we forget Laughin’ Sam

eatmixin’ for unhappy hipsters


= from http://www.djchef.com/ via http://blog.deleteyourself.com/post/365316607/this-makes-me-ashamed-to-like-food-and-music itself via http://mashable.com/2010/02/09/single-serving-tumblr-blogs/ and see also here + a potato recipe for a children’s dish … more affection via the previous post


Zero the hero via http://unhappyhipsters.com/ + see also http://snaporaz.posterous.com/hipsters-from-hell

afx’s rmxs

Here’s three of my all time utter fave Richard D. James remixes, all three from ’93 (12″ / scd); not all of them are on this v/a comp.