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H17 C64

Heaven 17 using a Commodore 64 in 1983 … halfway between thìs vanguard masterpiece 12″ ep (1979) and thàt Detroitish slice of pre techno (1984) … Hey! and don’t forget to check that brand new Sid Chip Sounds: The Music Of The Commodore 64v/a 2lp (19 tracks) or cd (18 tracks) on Robot Elephant … and do check our review of “Micro_superstarz_2000” (Domizil 2000) via http://uzine.posterous.com/issn-13773828 … or those Input 64 (A Collection Of Commodore 64 Game Music 1984-1989)and Output 64 (Input 64 Remixed – 15 Ideas How To Treat Commodore 64 Game Tunes In The 21st Century)v/a comps on Enduro / LadoMat (2001) … (RIP Jack Tramiel 1928-2012.)

ye early human league

Secondsaside, the Rushent era Human League isn’t my favourite incarnation of the band. To, me that’s the Human League mk. 1 – the one that recorded The Dignity Of Labour Pts. 1-4and The black hit of spaceand a few odd covers (cf. the tracks below), predating the sound of Boards of Canada and other Warp acts by some twenty years – and all the acts that preceded it in the 1973-1978 period, e.g. the Future featuring Adi Newton. For more about the band’s history, check some of the videos here, there and everywhere, or retrieve my review of The Golden Hour Of The Future(Black Melody MELCD4) and accompanying 12″ (Black Melody MEL3, both 2002) in [uzine] 02.24 (U0224.txt in the zip / the reprint here isn’t complete at all) … Or consult any of these sites, obviously:

rip martin rushent

I.M. Martin Rushent (1948-01-03 > 2011-06-04), wonderful producer (for Altered Images, Buzzcocks, Generation X, Gentle Giant, Human League, Pete Shelley, Stranglers, Visage, XTC, Yes, …) and dubmastermind of the League Unlimited Orchestra.

“The dub mixes started because we didn’t have time to do ‘B’ sides, We’d send Virgin Records a track and they’d want to rush-release it. I’d been listening to Grandmaster Flash and played it to Phil [Oakey]. He liked it so I suggested doing a remix of “Love action” by chopping it up and adding effects, then we could get Virgin off our backs! When it was all finished I had four or five remixes. Phil wasn’t sure about releasing them on an album and left me to make “Love And Dancing” on my own. It was mixed on a board, so I had the multitrack of “Dare” feeding in, a Harmonizer on send one, delay lines and phasers everywhere and I’d flick it about. I’d do a section and if I liked it I’d make a tape cut and splice it in. There were thousands of edits on the master and it took forever to do.” Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Love_and_Dancing


Update: http://theseconddisc.com/2012/01/27/keep-feeling-fascination-human-leagues-dare-gets-expanded/

bernard fevre fever

Got this man Fèvre feverishly on repeat:


! more tracks on the cd than on the lp, apparently (hurry, it’s ltd) – for fans of Spoerri, Carpenter, early Human League (the Future), Trunk stuff, … but also Duke, Hancock, Moulin …

#1: the back catalogue (aka ISSN 13773828)

[uzine] used to be a music e-zine between 1999 and 2006, run by a threesome and then some (from the mid to end nineties, it was a webzine called ultra – hence the u -, run by (kf) & (hs) a.o. ). The e-zine (now defunct, don’t dream of sending stuff for review) had about 3000 subscribers and even more dedicated readers. We did interviews and reviews and provided the playlists of our radio shows (expect those here later on as well) plus a lot of links, favelists, best of the year overviews, etc. … annexed is the the whole shebang in a 2,6 MB zip featuring txt files and a contents pdf …

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