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And loads more vids on / by Casablanca artists here … as for background stories, check “And party every day – the inside story of Casablanca Records” (Backbeat 2009, ISBN 9780879309824) by Larry Harris with Curt Gooch and Jeff Suhs … the most dirt-filled music book since Mötley Crüe’s “The Dirt” […] always entertaining and frequently jaw-dropping, from Harris’ description of acting as runner for an enormous amount of cocaine for […] and several female hotel guests […] to tales of calling his own positions on the Billboard charts” (dixit the AV Club’s Michaelangelo Matos). Or is it? Those expecting salacious stories à la Hit Men by Fredric Dannen will be disappointed (Harris challenges this version of events) dixit DJ History. Still, can’t wait to read the book myself!
+ bonus books ’bout the biz:

2010-03-07: music biz docu on independent record stores


Image source hats off to Synesthésia!

2010-03-07 this documentary will be broadcast on VRT Canvas and it’s already creating some commotion. Meanwhile, here’s some more on independent record stores – see also the ever shortening list of shops on http://www.platenzaken.com/belgie.html

Brendan Toller: “I need that record (The death or possible survival of the independent record store)” (2008 film)

Emma Pettit: “Old rare new – the independent record shop” (2008, ISBN 9781906155322)

Graham Jones: “Last shop standing” (Proper, 2008?, ISBN 9780956121202)
/! best to wait for the new, expanded edition, tbr 2010-03-22 /!

Update: Pip Piper has turned it into a 50′ documentary in 2012 (also on deluxe dvd). 2013-04-11 screening: http://kaskcinema.be/2012/08/01/donderdag-11-april-amok-i-s-m-ladda-vzw/ ! See also: http://www.icrates.org/rise-fall-and-rebirth-last-shop-standing-and-the-story-of-the-uk-independent-record-store/

& make no mistake, independent does not mean big bucks … those days are over!
Frederic Dannen: “Hitmen: powerbrokers and fast money inside the music business” (Random House 1990, ISBN 9780679730613)