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swiss starter

From Switzerland / Svizzera / la Suisse / die Schweiz: it’s Starter! Their (untitled) debut lp (recorded in Bern in 1981) has just been reprinted by Dark Entries (who have a very impractical site), cat. no. DE-016. Should you buy their reissue, see to it you get the A4 inlay ànd the badge too. Main reasons for purchase: “Lunapark” by the original Francis Foss + Claudine Chirac + Jet Harbour line-up, and the lone bonus track by the Foss & Gray duo Victim(1985) … plus the interview below, perhaps. Also, I’m guessing Starter’s “Tanger” (co-written by Stephan Eicher) is where current Swiss act What’s Wrong With Us? got their name from … (Curious for thèir new albumNot Enough“, incidentally.)