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to tune these electric guitars


Yoshihiko Satoh‘s Presents arms(2002), a twelve necks guitar sculpture, Michael Angelo Batio‘s Quad guitar, Gary Hutchins & Steve Puto’s The beast“, and a couple of other multineck guitars … Hey and there’s a cool gallery of record sleeves with doubleneck guitars on them on Stefan Wirz’s site!

rock history in 100 riffs

Alex Chadwick plays 100 famous guitar riffs in one take – on a 1958 Fender Stratocaster – giving you a chronological history of rock n’ roll. And Ace have recently released a Fender – The Golden Age 1950-1970 (Inspirational Guitar Music That Defined The Sound Of Rock ‘n Roll)v/a cd. For the full detailed list of all the artists, keys, and year of each song played in the 100 riffs: http://www.chicagomusicexchange.com/100riffs/#.T_GFBpGYnTo

mobile phone keytar


Hats off to Stef / Steffest: http://blog.stef.be/phoneguitar !

the jimi hendrix exploitation

… because this one doesn’t auto-embed: http://myplay.com/videos/jimi-hendrix/valleys-of-neptune … a ‘new’ song from the upcoming posthumous album “Valleys Of Neptune”, t.b.r. 2010-03 … apparently the Hendrix Estate has plans for loàds more releases on lp, cd and dvd, including a rerelease of the official catalogue on ltd. ed. 180 g vinyl and on deluxe cd’s with an extra making of dvd via Sony BMG Legacy (as the deal with Universal has expired) … oh well, if the kids are alright with it …

to tune this electric guitar


> check the viMeo on http://www.baster.nl/#729 http://vimeo.com/baster ;-)