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ivor shrigley & david cutler

David Shrigley – currently on expo in BelgiuM – has drawn clips for his fellow Scotsman Ivor Cutler, who’s influenced him immensely. The two tracks (the videos are once again off the air) are from the Oblique Musical Philosopher‘s lpLudoas produced by Sir Martin – and check here too.)

grizzly head and the talking bears


Grizzly Bear sound like a (mediocre) cross between Dez Mona and Fleet Foxes, but apparently there’s a funk pop influence as well. When I first heard Cheerleader(Warp 2009, featuring the Brooklyn Youth Choir-  choral arrangements by Nico Muhly) being played in a shop, its intro immediately struck a chord … as it borrows from Warning sign(Byrne / Frantz) by Talking Heads (Sire 1978, prod. Eno). See also http://stereogum.com/71811/grizzly_bear_bring_ready_able_cheerleader_to_the_i/video/ btw … Next up: Sonic Youth and the Stranglers