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record shop stickers (parts one & two)

Some record shop stickers, mostly from Belgium. Should’ve kept them in a notebook. Many thanks MagisterM, DominiqueDrDoG, BrianC and WandaP and see also:

To be continued …

fight to eat fish then sleep noisily

Too Noisy Fish (the rhythm section of Flat Earth Society aka FES, ex X-Legged Sally) are causing quite a stir with their second albumFight Eat Sleepon Rat (RAT 022). They will present it live in Antwerp at De Roma on 2013-09-27, at Jazz Hoeilaart (near Brussels) on 2013-09-28 and at De Handelsbeurs in Ghent on 2013-10-03.  Check the high praise on All Music – http://www.allmusic.com/album/fight-eat-sleep-mw0002580441 – and some of their sounds via https://soundcloud.com/too-noisy-fish or http://www.toonoisyfish.be/media.html or http://www.insidejazz.be/management/nl/projects/too-noisy-fish-fight-eat-sleep-new-cd/

2012-09-28 & 2012-10 dallas goes live

Dallas is preparing to go live and will play try out concerts on 2012-09-28 in De Singer in Rijkevorsel and on 2012-10-04 @ Trefpunt in Ghent (Gent), Belgium. Later on, gigs will follow at the AB Club in Brussels on 2012-10-05 and at the Arenbergschouwburg in Antwerp on 2012-10-11. The debut album by Veerle Baetens and Sandrine Collard“Take It All” (rec. 2011, rel. 2012 on Aka Music via Universal) – was produced by Jeroen Swinnen and is to be filed under electro pop (e.g. “Emotionshaker”) or even Schlager (cf. “Chaque jour” or “Égocentrique” or “Take it all”).

einzelgaenger moroder

Great to learn that Giorgio (Hansjörg) Moroder will be awarded for his soundtrack work at the next Ghent film festival; Herr Moroder will receive the World Soundtrack Lifetime Achievement Award 2011 on 2011-10-22. The night before, there will be a Moroder party at the Vooruit (organised by Goodlife & avenue L). Let’s hope der Moroder will come and perform Chasein a similar way as he did on German (ARD) tv in 1979:

stijn & reggie watts riots


Stijn & Reggie Watts live at Vooruit (Ghent) 2011-03-23. Do check the images at the end of the Cobra video link. (Too bad the mp3’s of the “Ueberzip n°7” download do not give full info when you open them in iTunes.)
http://www.zipstick.be/ > download “Überzip n°7”

nick nicely stratosphearical


One for pimply little postboys everywhere! Cycladelic I tells ya, and a huge influence on Partridge’s Dukes! Really love this early eighties sounding psychedelia – kinda reminds me of a cross between Grind“, Talk Talk and Duran Duran … with a whiff of Stephen Duffy. The four tracks below date from 1980, 1981 and 1983; Nick Nicely‘s “Psychotropia” compilation was first released in 2004 by Sanctuary (cd) and Tenth Planet (lp), and now it’s been reissued by Grapefruit (via Cherry Red, 2010). Update #1: there’s a more recent vinyl lp on Captured Tracks: Elegant Daze(CT-126, 2011-11-29), while Fruits de Mer have released a 7″ with both a new and the original version of Hilly Fields(cat. no. Crustacean 27, 2012) ànd have announced Nick’s new album Lysergiafor “sometime in 2012”. Unclear when & whether that will appear on lp / cd but the cassette edition on Burger has already sold out, apparently. Update #2: Mr Nicely will perform at the Wastelands festival at Dok, Ghent (Belgium) on 2012-08-11 (18:30 CET).


smokin’ hammond

… smokin’ … hammondish …