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verdinterview / pas de deux over brussels

Sunday nigth 2014-01-26 at 22 o’locco Pas de Deux will reform and perform at the Ancienne Belgique in Brussels as closing cat of “The Sound of the Belgian Underground 2014”, a festival with mostly young & new acts, e.g. Hantrax and Miaux. Links below.

To celebrate the occasion there’s lots of interviews in Belgian media today & earlier this month. Here’s an interview we did with Walter Verdin in 2001: taken 2001-04-18, e-mailed 2001-05-04 as part of [uzine 01.07]. The 2001-06-28 erratum of [uzine 01.09] has been processed in the text below.


Walter Verdin is one of Belgium’s finest artists, especially as a videast (see also his website – cf. the URL below), but ironically Verdin is still best-known for his appearance at the Eurovision Songfestival with Pas de Deux, who represented Belgium in München anno 1983. Backed by the big band of Freddy Sunder (another Belgian legend), a trio consisting of Walter Verdin, Dett Peyskens and Hilde Van Roy (now a journalist for VRT-tv, who interviews royalty a.o. people) danced their way onto the stage to give a maximalist ((the big band’s belting “baaa-waaa baaa-waaa ba-bààà”)), almost dadaist performance ((the lyrics “Rendez-vous / Maar de maat is vol / En m’n kop is toe” were delivered by two brilliantly coiffured women dancing metronomically)) that would earn Belgium little or no points. Thus, it was a performance that was up to a par with Telex’s minimalist meta-pun on the songfestival in 1980 (Den Haag), which had already ranked Belgium among the most surreal countries Eurosongwise and other…  Later on the band would split (with the Parsley record label going broke at about the same time).

The following interview was conducted around April 18th & mailed out May 4th 2001. Readers who have access to the free weekly newspaper “Brussel Deze Week” might also want to read Michaël Bellon’s elaborate interview with Mr. Verdin in 2001’s June 20th issue (no.793, p.7), in which it is revealed that Verdin even designed record sleeves, e.g. for the Neon Judgement.

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french cosmic machinery

It’s da bombue! The Cosmic Machine – A Voyage Across French Cosmic And Electronic Avantgarde (1970-1980) v/a cd or 2lp+cd on Because (released 2013-10-14) boasts twenty tracks on either format, two of which previously unreleased (by Bernard Fèvre and by DVWB = Daniel Vangarde & Wally Badarou). Sleeve by Philippe Druillet, music selected by Uncle O, who’s already compiled the Shaolin Soul series, and there’s a 12″ with a Prins Thomas remix too. Hecque, even Serge is on board! Interviews via http://wadmag.com/words/files/uncle-o-cosmic-machine/ and http://www.90bpm.net/2013/10/cosmic-machineuncle-o-itw/ and http://www.lemouv.fr/diffusion-cosmic-machine and see also http://culturebox.francetvinfo.fr/cosmic-machine-la-compil-des-pionniers-de-lelectro-made-in-france-143505 and http://www.franceinter.fr/blog-loreille-en-pointe-cosmic-machine-la-compile-retro-futuriste-made-in-france & whatever comes next!

2011-10-04 soirée gainsbourg – vous êtes averty

An excerpt from Jean-Christophe Averty’s chroma key masterpiece “Melody” (1971, here in its entirety) which will be screened at the Palais des Beaux Arts in Lille (France) on 2011-10-04 alongside other extraits … Dixit Richard Metzger: “what is little known, even to fans of the album, is “Melody”, the half hour, shot on videotape visualization of the album, created by Gainsbourg and director Jean-Christophe Averty and starring himself and Jane Birkin. It was included in the career-spanning Gainsbourg 2dvd box set “Serge Gainsbourg: d’autres nouvelles des etoiles” that came out in 2005.” Incidentally, the two instrumental versions below are from 2011’s Gainsbox … Hey and let’s not forget Jean-Claude Vannier‘s important involvement either!
http://www.disvoir.com/fr/fo/a/82.html  (ISBN 2906571199)

serge gainsbox


Here’s a few of the exclusive or rare tracks on the Gainsbourg20cd box (aka “L’intégrale 20e Anniversaire”) … It’s a fine offering but on the other hand, this is the umpteenth expensive recompilation of Serge G’s œuvre and the inédits account for merely one cd’s worth … And the OpenDisc content is once again insultingly disappointing – as it always is. Soit, IM SG (1928-04-02 > 1991-03-02).
http://www.lamartinieregroupe.com/ > “Intégrale Gainsbourg”

morris hawk

The previous post featured music by Alan Hawkshaw recorded for the Themes International Music library; he also composed and recorded for Bruton, KPM and perhaps a few other labels. More famously, he masterminded the Mohawks (of “Champ” fame) around 1968, changed the sound of the Shadows between 1968 and 1972, and acted as a musical director,  arranger and session musician for Serge Gainsbourg – e.g. on SG‘s masterpiece albumsHistoire de Melody Nelson(Philips 1971-03-24) and L’homme À Tête De Chou (Philips 1976-11-18).

françois de roubaix


An uneven collection, the midpriced v/a cd François de Roubaix Chansons de Films(on Universal Music Jazz France, cat. no. 532 292 9) but worthwhile for a few lovely ditties, e.g. that lovely title track of Un peu, beaucoup, passionément(a 1971 movie), with its lovely Brazil touchesAlice Hérald‘s “My sky is blue” (from “Le ciel est bleu”, 1970) is worth the listen too, especially for fans of squeaky clean folk (with female singers), though we’re not talking Jacqui McShee quality either, rather Claudine Longet … The track below (from 2007) is for Air & Serge fans and is based ‘sur le thème de La grande lessive“‘we’ll be playing it on the radio show later on (2009-12-26)!

#1: the back catalogue (aka ISSN 13773828)

[uzine] used to be a music e-zine between 1999 and 2006, run by a threesome and then some (from the mid to end nineties, it was a webzine called ultra – hence the u -, run by (kf) & (hs) a.o. ). The e-zine (now defunct, don’t dream of sending stuff for review) had about 3000 subscribers and even more dedicated readers. We did interviews and reviews and provided the playlists of our radio shows (expect those here later on as well) plus a lot of links, favelists, best of the year overviews, etc. … annexed is the the whole shebang in a 2,6 MB zip featuring txt files and a contents pdf …

Incidentally, everything here is “for demonstration & (internet) conversation purposes”. This here blog will not be making any media files downloadable; such are our settings on this here Posterous platform. If they are presented here, the purpose is to promote artists by providing tangible examples of their art & craft, and to have you, o dear readership, become equally enthusiastic about the art on display, perhaps even tempting you to purchase it legally. As the financial crisis of 2008 has shown, we’re living in a consumer society (and a services economy, and an attention economy, and a spectacle society), so everyone has to be aware of and do what it takes to keep the wheels going (without harming the planet). Also, it is our intent to always provide direct links to artist or label sites, and to the sources we got our information or data from … as well as other relevant and informative links, cf. this site’s subtitle. Conversely (vice versa, mutatis mutandis), we hope to be quoted whenever material of ours is used, including all stuff from the issues of [uzine] contained in this here zip containing our own writings. Do contact us if you have issues or questions …

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