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play that pussy you deviants


After the pirate lp reprint on Jupiter (1989 or 1990, cat. no. 101 314), the pirate cd on Background (1993, cat. no. HBG 123/5), reissues on Edsel / Demon (2001) and Akarma (cd / lp cat. no. AK 288), and numerous appearances on various (artists) compilations, most notably the 2003 v/a cd “Psychedelic Pstones III: House Of Many Windows (A Morgan Blue Town Compilation)” on the sadly missed Castle / Sanctuary label (cat. no. CMRCD 659) – see also http://uzine.posterous.com/issn-13773828 for U0116 + U0202 + U0410) – … after all those, the definitive Pussy reissue has just been released, both on lp and 2cd. Indeed, the Morgan Blue Town label has once again been relaunched, with most of its catalogue available digitally (via iTunes), and a few of their releases in the pipeline for ‘materialisation’ on a round, plastic disc of some sort. So far, the vinyl department only stocks one item, and the cd department only stocks two, viz. (2) “The Pussy Group / Pussy Plays Plus Fortes Mentum” 2cd (cat. no. MBTDD002), featuring the “Plays” album (1969) – with a sound smack dab in the middle of the Deviants and Koobas lp’s of the same year – and twenty tracks by Fortes Mentum (two members of which would reappear in Pussy) collected as “Humdiggle We Love You (The Album That Never Was)” and (1) the “Truly This Must Be Heaven – An Introduction To Morgan Blue Town” v/a cd (cat. no. MBTDD001). Sadly, the latter only serves as an extended update of 1998’s v/a “Morgan Blue Town Vol. 1” compilation lp (cat. no. MBT 5002, liner notes by Brian Hogg, as mentioned on the sleeve by Harvey S. Williams, sadly missing from every copy I’ve ever seen); a vol. 2 never materialised. (All of this was happening when Phil Smee’s Bam-Caruso label was on its (first) demise.) The compilation was shortly available on cd too as a shoddy budget cd by Action Replay. On the one hand, the huge overlaps go to show that the MBT catalogue isn’t all that rich, on the other hand, the selection does sport the best tracks by Angel Pavement, Chimera, Bob Grimm, Magic Worms, Cliff Wade … Hopefully, this second relaunch of Morgan Blue Town will see more reissues than the brief spell around 1988, which only spawned, if I remember correctly, the aforementioned compilation, plus lp reissues by “Motherlight” by Bobak, Jons, Malone (BT 5003, sic), a fantastic ‘psych blends into prog’ lp, and “Let’s Take A Trip On An” by Orange Bicycle (MBT 5003, sic), a forgettable popsike effort. Finally, here’s a complete set of links that’ll help you avoid the (nsfw) embarrassment were you to enter the P. band’s name as a search term (-:
http://www.morganbluetown.com/  (member of Aim)
http://www.discogs.com/artist/Pussy+(2)  (incomplete)

Bonus (not featuring psychedelia): http://www.acerecords.co.uk/content.php?page_id=59&release=7748