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new bill fay album


Yay! Dead Oceans have just announced a new Bill Fay album for 2012-08-21: http://deadoceans.com/blog/2012/05/dead-oceans-welcome-bill-fay-first-studio-album-in-over-40-years-out-august-21/ + http://deadoceans.com/artist.php?name=faybill … which is utterly wonderful!! Yet “Life Is People” won’t be the first in over forty years. The Still Some Light2cd from 2010 featured one disc of carefully crafted new songs so that makes “Life Is People” the first new album in a mere two years ;-) And before the 2009 recordings, there were the utterly magnificent 1978-1981 recordings you can hear on Tomorrow, Tomorrow And Tomorrow(2005) – imho his very best album … More via http://uzine.posterous.com/tag/faybill


spirogyra’s electric eden

While Jeanette Leech was writing her fab folk book … Rob Young was working on another excellent volume – not just about folk: Electric Eden – unearthing Britain’s visionary music(Faber && Faber 2010-08-05, ISBN 9780571237524). I haven’t finished reading it yet but it’s a real treasure trove of information, making it an impossible task to list the acts he brings into view. (Kevin Ayers, David Bowie, Joe Boyd, Anne Briggs, Vashti Bunyan, Shirley Collins, Donovan, Nick Drake, Fairport Convention, Bill Fay, Forest, Fotheringay, Roy Harper, (Mike) Heron, the Incredible String Band, Bert Jansch, Kaleidoscope [UK], John Martyn, Mellow Candle, Mighty Baby, Mr Fox, Parchment, Pentangle, Pink Floyd, John Renbourn, Soft Machine, Steeleye Span, Traffic, Trees  ànd Talk Talk have been dealt with, of course. Surprisingly, Michael Chapman, Fresh Maggots, Mushroom and Tractor hardly get a mention.) On pages 512 & 513, for instance, Mr. Young describes the (three album) legacy of UK folk act Spirogyra (mainly Martin Cockerham & Barbara Gaskin) … Don’t confuse them with the US fusion jazzers Spyro Gyra who debuted in 1978!

Update: Rob Young has compiled an “Electric Eden – Unearthing Britain’s Visionary Music” v/a 2cd (midprice via UMC)!


once again shines


Pic by afkatw on flickr: singing the encore with Wilco, Shepherd’s Bush Empire, 2007-05-20

Fay, Bill: “Still Some Light” 2cd (Coptic Cat, NIFE-008, 2010-01). Disc one: piano, guitar, bass & drums 1970-71 (with Daryl Runswick, Alan Rushton, Ray Russell). Disc two: home recorded album 2009 (with one track by John Fay). Highlights: “My eyes open” and “I will find my own way back”, for starters. Thank you messrs Fay for your finest art + many thanks to everyone involved in bringing BF back to the fore! (Fans of la Faithfull do check cd2.)

Nota very bene: “All the artist’s profits from the release will go to Médecins sans Frontières (Doctors without Borders).” + “Artist proceeds to go to the major charities active in the poorest places of the world.”

most anticipated release: bill fay (still some light)

It’s not quite like eagerly awaiting the new Robert Wyatt album, but almost … Not expecting too much is the best recipe for joy, and I don’t expect Still Some Lightto better or even equal Tomorrow, Tomorrow And Tomorrow“, but I’m very curious, because Tomorrow, Tomorrow And Tomorrow(Drag City / Jnana / 2005, recorded 1978-1981) has become very dear to me, both for its music and for the associations it brings, the way it transports me to an era long gone (somehow, I tend to think of it as an anticipation of how the optimism of “The lamb lies down on Broadway” turned into resignation with massive unemployment and neutron bomb cold war dystopia, compelled to post-commune coping) … and yet I know no album of that era quite like it, it’s majestically unique (in both versions – the cd and lp differ, ya trainspotters) … an all time late night favourite, since repeated listenings reveal it to be a rich, warm & soothing album, recorded by superb musicians and exquisitely produced, not at all as bleak, both musically and lyrically, as yer average rainswept Scottish indie pop ;-/ Hey and do read Marcello Carlin‘s appreciation too – http://hemingwoid.blogspot.com/2005/04/bill-fay-group-tomorrow-tomorrow-and.html – plus:

Most of all, I’m swept away by the ‘off of the floor’ opening track Strange stairway“.

Updated (with two more tracks to listen to) here: http://uzine.posterous.com/once-again-shines

Further update: wonderful two part interview by Alex(ander) Goldstein here & there.
And I’m anxious messrs Fay & Wyatt may one day consider collaborating, if that’s a good idea at all!