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los angeles’ saving grace

And to close our Fall triptych …


the fall from saving grace


Not a huge Fall fan, but to me Mark E. Smith c.s. reached the pinnacle of their career in 1985, with This Nation’s Saving Grace“, produced by the ever excellent John Leckie. That album is now out in a deluxe 3cd “Omnibus edition” box on Beggars (2011-01-24, cat. no. BBOCD 2067) with a 48 page book (not this one though) and lotsa bonus audio material (e.g. six tracks from two Peel sessions) that are all worth investigating. As is this comp, incidentally.

68-75-85 (hope damo suzuki is well)


1985 (the Fall) > 1975 (Can) > 1968 (Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell) … More on that Fall track in my next post

clark e. smith

Michael Clark‘s company didn’t just work to Bruce Gilbert‘s music obviously! Bolan, Bowie & Branca have been danced to, as well as Laibach, Pop & Reed, or the compositions of Jeffrey Hinton and Igor Stravinsky – see also here & there … But the most striking collaboration has probably been that between Michael Clark and the Fall

david van tieghem, master percussionist / michael clark [1/2]

Just imitated this whole exercise at home, but ‘t didn’t sound quite the same – suppose it’s the Chelsea Hotel‘s acoustics ;-) … The artist at work is “of course” the criminally underrated David Van Tieghem, one time member of the Love of Live Orchestra and session percussionist for NYC icons such as Laurie Anderson, Talking Heads & Eno – Byrne. Here’s another sample of his early art:

Just like David Byrne with The Catherine Wheel (1981-12), Van Tieghem recorded music for a dance piece by Twyla Tharp, viz. Fait Accompli; the resulting album These Things Happen(Warner Brothers 1984) is, imho, one of the best albums of the eighties – and a lost gem in dire need of a deluxe cd reissue reappraisal. [If only for the car stereo – the lp has been working wonders back to back with Weather Report‘s Sweetnighter(1973) on a worn car tape.] Singling out one track doesn’t do this album justice, as it’s a plus forty minute trip of percussive genius (and compelling sax action à la Tuxedomoon, impLOG and the like) over a soundscape of sirens, breaking glass (love that sound, even though it makes me think of people pissing on the stairs), tv & shortwave clips and other New York noises … but here goes:

… or, better still, check the video at Spike dot com video/david-van-tieghem/2791971 (I’m splitting the link to avoid showing a black screen without value), where the video and the music are better synchronised. (Notice theOnce in a lifetimeinfluence, too.) These Things Happen is a must for anyone into early (Ralph era) Yello,My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts(1981-02), Bill Laswell, Martin Rev, Suicide and the whole No New York / Knitting Factory scene, but also to anyone into creative electronics and percussion … or remotely interested in modern dance – from Anna-Teresa “Rosas” De Keersmaeker or Chantal Akerman‘s Toute une nuitto the post-Godard video dances of Pas de Deux or Michael Clark‘s troupe dancing to Bruce Gilbert and the Fall … just check this other man in a suit here:

Bonus: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yqf1MLWNU0k

Later on, DVT would release more albums in an electronic / library / nearly new age vein, but never as intense. See the man’s age old website www.vantieghem.com for more.
Incidentally, re: Byrne & Talking Heads, see also this here post …  ;-)