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apocryphal dylan & zimmermania


Hee hee hee … wanna buy some mandies? Just out: It’s Zimmerman’s World …We Just Live In It (Soft Sounds For Gentle People Garage And Folk Rock Tributes To The Beatnik Bard)on Pet (cd or lp, cat. no. 009). Amazingly, that most ultimate of Bob spoofs or Dylan imitations, A public executionby Mouse and the Traps (Fraternity 1966 – see below), isn’t on it. (And neither is the Trashmen‘s downright irritatingSame linesfor that matter.). Oh well, you’ll probably have that Mouse track via that seminal and oft reissued Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The First Psychedelic Erav/a 2lp or cd on Elektra (1972), won’t you? If not: see below. Otherwise, bar the omission of Dutch Dylan Armand and the 5 Gentlemen track below, It’s Zimmerman’s World … We Just Live In Itis pretty flawless. And hilarious, for those maniac mannerisms and how they reflect on both the Bawb phenomenon and the copy and cash in routines that are part and parcel of the pop industry. So go buy it! And if you do not pay, they got computer collectors that’ll send you through the ceiling!


zounds! it’s the zodiac cosmic sounds


Cosmic Sounds (Celestial Counterpoint With Words And Music)by the Zodiac was released late 1967 on Elektra (and reissued by the now defunct Water label in 2002). Music written by Mort Garson, words by Jacques Wilson, and narration by Cyrus Faryar. Moog by Paul Beaver, keyboards Mike Melvoin, flute Bud Shank, bass Carol Kaye, drums Hal Blaine, percussion Emil Richards. Must be played in the dark, it says, so kill that monitor!

singular double vision

A Love cover from 1996-10, off Forever Changes(Elektra 1967). After Painter man(Farian, Farian) by Boney M (1978, originally by the Creation, 1966), surely thé most ludicrous ‘dance’ interpretation of a sixties gem. Curious for that 1969 live version by Episode Six too, actually … Hey and if you’re into this kind of Eurotranshe, rather than into ‘straight’ covers such as Calexico‘s, do check out Graviteen dreamby Orange Blue as well … Trrrrr!!

rip teddy pendergrass / long live this kind of lyrics

I.M. Teddy Pendergrass – he’s made many a woman feel good – and so much more …
As for myself: I don’t really dig his later work on Elektra, but I do enjoy some of his early work on Philadelphia International … especially this song in particular, with its wonderful strings, and superslick, sensuous trumpet part.

Tnx Thierry B for the – sad – news. And check this 1984-09 Ebony magazine article for more on TP’s misfortunes.
Hey and do give the lyrics of “Come go with me” (off his third lp “Teddy”, Philadelphia International 1979) a close listen and do contemplate on the fantasy dialogue that starts around four minutes into the song … “sip a little wine, work things out”“please I can not stand pressure” … it’s the most grandiose make out music!

Also, believe it or not, yesterday I was preparing a number of future posts, and I had actually prepared the basics for (a.o.) a post featuring these two tracks. Little did I know there would be sad news concerning Mr TP only hours later. Anyway, here goes: Leon Haywood‘s “Out to catch” (Casablanca 1980) is yet another example extraordinaire of superlative ‘discotheque fantasy projected’ songwriting. Check, for instance, the wanky fantasy dialogue around 3’45” into the track … “this is my first time too” “listen to some soft music, have a little chilled wine, and, you know, get to know each other a little better”

(This is the lp version off “It’s Me Again”; do catch the 12″ mix too – can’t decide which one is better.)