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dylan mapped


Slate have drawn an interactive map of every street, town, and city Bob Dylan has ever sung about … it reminds us of this rap map

where dylan collin met bob fabien

My back pages eh my kingdom for a Dutch language or transworld equivalent of It’s Zimmerman’s World …We Just Live In It (Soft Sounds For Gentle People Garage And Folk Rock Tributes To The Beatnik Bard)on Pet – cf. here + see earlier there + ‘t Muziekarchief and even Hoochie Koochie’s blog … Sadly his brilliant Satan in eigen persoonis missing from YT or http://www.myspace.com/fabiencollin … Bonus and bonus :


bill dylan vs bob wilson

Amidst the Dylanmania: “Indiana’s Bill Wilson drove to Nashville and knocked on producer Bob Johnston’s kitchen door in 1973. Bob let him in to play a few songs, liked it, and rounded up his crew that played on Dylan’s “Blonde on Blonde”. They recorded “Ever Changing Minstrel” that night, and it was released on Columbia [CBS] in 1973. The album is now reissued with rare photographs, notes by reissue producer and Tompkins Square label owner Josh Rosenthal, and remastered from the original tapes.” Dixit Rosenthal: “I bought Bill Wilson’s “Ever Changing Minstrel” lp for a quarter in January. Never saw it before. Tracked down Bob Johnston (Dylan, Cohen, Cash) who produced it. He said Bill just showed up at his house one day. They made the record that night, with some of the guys who played on “Blonde On Blonde”. Bill and Bob never saw each other again.” Wilson would die of a heart attack at the age of 46, in 1993. Reissue label: Tompkins Square, cat. no. TSQ2684, rel. 2012-09-18. And do check that Sonobeat / Sonosong story for Wilson’s 1969 demo lp!

seb cab does dylan

Ooh that Sebastian Cabot, actor!

apocryphal dylan & zimmermania


Hee hee hee … wanna buy some mandies? Just out: It’s Zimmerman’s World …We Just Live In It (Soft Sounds For Gentle People Garage And Folk Rock Tributes To The Beatnik Bard)on Pet (cd or lp, cat. no. 009). Amazingly, that most ultimate of Bob spoofs or Dylan imitations, A public executionby Mouse and the Traps (Fraternity 1966 – see below), isn’t on it. (And neither is the Trashmen‘s downright irritatingSame linesfor that matter.). Oh well, you’ll probably have that Mouse track via that seminal and oft reissued Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The First Psychedelic Erav/a 2lp or cd on Elektra (1972), won’t you? If not: see below. Otherwise, bar the omission of Dutch Dylan Armand and the 5 Gentlemen track below, It’s Zimmerman’s World … We Just Live In Itis pretty flawless. And hilarious, for those maniac mannerisms and how they reflect on both the Bawb phenomenon and the copy and cash in routines that are part and parcel of the pop industry. So go buy it! And if you do not pay, they got computer collectors that’ll send you through the ceiling!

ode to crazy clothes billie joe

Mirroring my previous post … plus bonus theremin cover version!

the holy mountain of kirk william & captain shatner

all of which immediately transponds me back to William Shatner‘s The Transformed Man(Decca 1968) and this neat li’l Dylan cover … More of those in a future post. Meanwhile, fyi, there’s a brand new Spizz compilation Where’s Captain Kirk? The Very Best Ofon Cherry Red (CDMRED212) … [Tx IH!]