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Toet Toet Zbolk Zbolk … With Isomopolis. ICC(Ultra Eczema cat. no. UE89, 2011-02), Antwerp dynamo Dennis Tyfus has just released his first George Smits lp. And according to the hardest working man in the business of Belgium’s underground heritage, a.o., there’s more to come from Smits‘ vaults. Earlier on, Lowlands had released Zbolk Night Radio(1995 cat. no. AUDIO 002) and Toet(2001, AUDIO 012) on cd via its Audioview imprint. Isomopolis. ICCis a beautifully packaged and well documented picture disc limited to 200 copies. It features three compositions in three parts by Ferre Grignard‘s former guitar (etc) player recorded at the Antwerp ICC in 1981. (Highly recommended for fans of Mzuiand Michael O’Shea!) The amazing documentary above was made by Karel Schoetens for the BRT in 1984; the interview was conducted by Wim Van Mulders. Just watch this for the frères Bachet fragment alone!

Update for Smits fans: see young George act inCash? Cash!by Paul Collet (1967) … now out on dvd + cd via Belfilm!

Update & flashback to 1997: we’ve just uploaded our 1997 interview with George Smits here (199 kB pdf), as e-mailed to [uzine] subscribers on 2001-08-14. On the same date, we also sent out a regular zine with a review of the “Toet” cd.

there are 3R4


3.4… and dark is the barge sets out in the night … By now you should all have set sail to Reading for Kevin Eden‘s biography Wire… Everybody loves a history(Wembley: SAF 1991, ISBN 0946719071) for Graham Lewis‘ quotes on the mathematical methods behind Dome‘s 3R4! Or see also our 2001-06-29 Lewis (aka HALO aka He Said aka Hox) interview in [uzine] 01.10 aka U0110 : “3R4 was graphically scripted and vocally cued by a count because without sequencing there was no other way to set the noise gates. Eric Radcliffe did the count for the complete duration of the piece, the inclusion of [him saying] ‘3,4’ in the mix was a testament and credit to this. Numbers are unavoidable in composition.” As for “There are” (1987): more on that track (check the bit àfter 2’52” too) in the next post. And in general: http://flagpink.com/ + http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bruce_Gilbert#Discography + http://trouserpress.com/entry.php?a=dome !

which way michael?


Don’t you call him no tramp: Mr. Michael O’Shea (1947-07-11 > 1991-12-18), street & studio musician and inventor of the dulcimerlike Mo cara instrument (Gaelic for My friend). “No journey’s end” is off O’Shea’s lone (and untitled solo) lp on Dome (1982-02, DOM 33.2), as recorded on 1981-07-07 at Blackwing Studio, London (produced by Wire’s B.C. Gilbert & G. Lewis, engineered by Eric Radcliffe & John Fryer). “Séance of a Kondalike (backing track)” is a bonus track on the (untitled) cd reissue of Michael O’Shea’s lp (2001, WMO 12cd). The backing track (recorded in 1982 at Alto Studio, Dublin) is just O’Shea and a drum machine, and would later get vocal & rhythm overdubs by Stano, for his “Content To Write In I Dine Weathercraft” lp (Scoff 1983). I.M. Michael O’Shea, tragically killed after stepping off a London bus and running out into the path of an oncoming Post Office van.

#1: the back catalogue (aka ISSN 13773828)

[uzine] used to be a music e-zine between 1999 and 2006, run by a threesome and then some (from the mid to end nineties, it was a webzine called ultra – hence the u -, run by (kf) & (hs) a.o. ). The e-zine (now defunct, don’t dream of sending stuff for review) had about 3000 subscribers and even more dedicated readers. We did interviews and reviews and provided the playlists of our radio shows (expect those here later on as well) plus a lot of links, favelists, best of the year overviews, etc. … annexed is the the whole shebang in a 2,6 MB zip featuring txt files and a contents pdf …

Incidentally, everything here is “for demonstration & (internet) conversation purposes”. This here blog will not be making any media files downloadable; such are our settings on this here Posterous platform. If they are presented here, the purpose is to promote artists by providing tangible examples of their art & craft, and to have you, o dear readership, become equally enthusiastic about the art on display, perhaps even tempting you to purchase it legally. As the financial crisis of 2008 has shown, we’re living in a consumer society (and a services economy, and an attention economy, and a spectacle society), so everyone has to be aware of and do what it takes to keep the wheels going (without harming the planet). Also, it is our intent to always provide direct links to artist or label sites, and to the sources we got our information or data from … as well as other relevant and informative links, cf. this site’s subtitle. Conversely (vice versa, mutatis mutandis), we hope to be quoted whenever material of ours is used, including all stuff from the issues of [uzine] contained in this here zip containing our own writings. Do contact us if you have issues or questions …

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Update: since the switch from Posterous to WordPress, it’s no longer possible to offer a zip. Here’s the contents table instead, and an example issue. When there’s time, we’ll make a separate blogpost of each e-zine.