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rock history in 100 riffs

Alex Chadwick plays 100 famous guitar riffs in one take – on a 1958 Fender Stratocaster – giving you a chronological history of rock n’ roll. And Ace have recently released a Fender – The Golden Age 1950-1970 (Inspirational Guitar Music That Defined The Sound Of Rock ‘n Roll)v/a cd. For the full detailed list of all the artists, keys, and year of each song played in the 100 riffs: http://www.chicagomusicexchange.com/100riffs/#.T_GFBpGYnTo

chicago’s answer to com truise?

After Com Truise, Zombie Zombie, Principles of Geometry and the like … let’s hear it from Chicago’s Michael Perkins and his Mr 666″ albumette? Apart from more uptempo tracks à laEsteban II(way cool), Mister Mike‘s music reminds me a tad too often of a sterile Kosmische Logic System rather than of the highly imaginative John Carpenter or any of the aforementioned acts influenced by that director. But I’m sure that’ll evolve. In any case: great videos by Mike Broers, if I’m not mistaken.

my bad new roommate’s single

The new Roommate video spells “woman trips over cat, hits head, falls into swimming pool, has out of body experience complete with swirling vortex and wraith like demons – music by Roommate, video assembly by Mike Broers who created this mystifying gem out of an ’80s made for tv movie and some kind of Atari machine, or something like that.” Abysmal eh seminal! Moreover, “synthesizer maestro Michael Perkins and the aforementioned Mike Broers have crafted their own version of the song, juicing it up with snazzy chords and spicy textures” dixit Kent Lambert … Free download of that remix here or listen below. (Do check this other Perkins gem whilst you’re on Bandcamp, incidentally.) As for Roommate‘s own music: free download of “My bad” via the Chicago Mixtape 038 but that’s only online for a limited time so hurry, chums, hurry! Also: free download of Roommate’s “A night like this” Cure cover via Cokemachineglow‘s fantasy covers podcast part one; and earlier Guided by Voices cover “Smothered in hugs” still available via the Chicagoist!

ken lovecraft & hp nordine


When in Chicago … Indeed, Ken Nordine has contributed to the second HP Lovecraft lp (1968, limited 2011-06 reprint via Subway, most recently on cd via Rev-Ola, in 2000 via a now deleted Collector’s Choice cd)! As for the source of the other tracks here (1957-1960) … I’ve added extra sleeves & an addendum to a previous Nordine post which you can access via http://uzine.posterous.com/kool-ken-nordine

bandera doowop from chicago


Four tracks (and another one in a future post) off the Bandera Doo Wopv/a cd on Ace Limited Edition (CDLUX 005, 2011). What’s with the limited edition we asked Ace. Answered one friendly Neil: over the years there have been quite a few projects which we haven’t been able to do because licensing in the tracks would be so expensive that we’d have to sell Beyonce-like quantities for the project to break even. Although we have still done projects that don’t ‘cost’, too many of these and clearly we’d be in trouble. The CDLUX releases are a way round this problem. The slightly higher price enables the release to break even on a realistic number of sales. Although they are limited editions, we always try and press up sufficient quantities for them to stay in catalogue for several years. I think all the Lux releases except for the very first one are still available.”