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brigitte fontaine in a c cat trance

Been absent here & elsewhere, and as a result I’ve completely missed out on Brigitte Fontaine‘s 2011-03-03 concert in Brussels last Saturday … Yet here she is, again, with Lettre à Monsieur le Chef de Gare de la Tour Carol(Saravah 1970), a song that was quite influential … for instance on C Cat Trance‘s Shake the mind (Ink 1986). You can buy the music via http://www.saravah.fr/brigitte-fontaine/comme-a-la-radio,1014 and http://www.cherryred.co.uk/shopexd.asp?id=930 … As for C-Cat Trance, see also our 2001 interview in [uzine 01.18] – complete with Medium Medium cd review – and our 2003 fave list inquiry in [uzine 03.04], all available via http://uzine.posterous.com/issn-13773828


Soulmusic.com Records (as distributed by Cherry Red) aren’t just releasing expanded editions of albums by George Duke or Harvey Mason – see earlier posts – but also manufacture reissues of fine funky stuff by Barbara Ann aka Bobbi Humphrey, Loose Ends, Mtume, Roy Ayers and many more … “New Face Deli” (1986, here without the tedious intro) features William “Bootsy” Collins (who cowrote the song with James Mtume) while “Home-made jam” (1978) strongly reminds of Johnny “Guitar” Watson’s A real mother for ya“, no?

a man and a machine


Wonderful tracks off my fave comp of the year: the A Man & A Machine IIIv/a 2cd (le Son du Maquis cat no. 214, rel. 2011-09-08). I could have picked any track, really, as the third volume is the best yet in the series. (Apparently it’s won a Qwartz award for best electronics compilations. Don’t think Qwartz or Maquis will win prizes for keeping their sites up to date, though.) Highlights:


the holy mountain of kirk william & captain shatner

all of which immediately transponds me back to William Shatner‘s The Transformed Man(Decca 1968) and this neat li’l Dylan cover … More of those in a future post. Meanwhile, fyi, there’s a brand new Spizz compilation Where’s Captain Kirk? The Very Best Ofon Cherry Red (CDMRED212) … [Tx IH!]

george smits

Toet Toet Zbolk Zbolk … With Isomopolis. ICC(Ultra Eczema cat. no. UE89, 2011-02), Antwerp dynamo Dennis Tyfus has just released his first George Smits lp. And according to the hardest working man in the business of Belgium’s underground heritage, a.o., there’s more to come from Smits‘ vaults. Earlier on, Lowlands had released Zbolk Night Radio(1995 cat. no. AUDIO 002) and Toet(2001, AUDIO 012) on cd via its Audioview imprint. Isomopolis. ICCis a beautifully packaged and well documented picture disc limited to 200 copies. It features three compositions in three parts by Ferre Grignard‘s former guitar (etc) player recorded at the Antwerp ICC in 1981. (Highly recommended for fans of Mzuiand Michael O’Shea!) The amazing documentary above was made by Karel Schoetens for the BRT in 1984; the interview was conducted by Wim Van Mulders. Just watch this for the frères Bachet fragment alone!

Update for Smits fans: see young George act inCash? Cash!by Paul Collet (1967) … now out on dvd + cd via Belfilm!

Update & flashback to 1997: we’ve just uploaded our 1997 interview with George Smits here (199 kB pdf), as e-mailed to [uzine] subscribers on 2001-08-14. On the same date, we also sent out a regular zine with a review of the “Toet” cd.

flying lizards a strong influence on gondry?


More metalloid dub by Cunningham & co – as reissued by RPM (via Cherry Red, UK) … who did a more thorough job than Micro Werks (~ Collector’s Choice Music, USA) … The latter (early 2010) merely reissued the untitled debut lp (Virgin 1980, with Deborah Evans-Stickland, Vivien Goldman, David Toop a.o.) with one bonus track and succinct notes by one Jim Allen. The former (late 2010) also threw in the “Fourth Wall” lp (Virgin 1981, with Patti Palladin a.o.), nine single only bonus tracks ànd a 16 page booklet with cool liner notes by Kieron Tyler. More on the Flying Lizards and Deborah Evans-Stickland in our next post (3/3)!

stephen kaufman aka thoth

Directed by Sarah Kernochan, “Thoth” (2001) won the 2002 Academy Award (aka Oscar) for best documentary short. We’ve all discovered Stephen Kaufman’s music via the Songs In The Key Of Z (The Curious Universe Of Outsider Music) Volumes 1 & 2v/a 2cd on Cherry Red (cat. no. CDM RED 261, 2004).