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neil bogart’s lot

And loads more vids on / by Casablanca artists here … as for background stories, check “And party every day – the inside story of Casablanca Records” (Backbeat 2009, ISBN 9780879309824) by Larry Harris with Curt Gooch and Jeff Suhs … the most dirt-filled music book since Mötley Crüe’s “The Dirt” […] always entertaining and frequently jaw-dropping, from Harris’ description of acting as runner for an enormous amount of cocaine for […] and several female hotel guests […] to tales of calling his own positions on the Billboard charts” (dixit the AV Club’s Michaelangelo Matos). Or is it? Those expecting salacious stories à la Hit Men by Fredric Dannen will be disappointed (Harris challenges this version of events) dixit DJ History. Still, can’t wait to read the book myself!
+ bonus books ’bout the biz:

rip teddy pendergrass / long live this kind of lyrics

I.M. Teddy Pendergrass – he’s made many a woman feel good – and so much more …
As for myself: I don’t really dig his later work on Elektra, but I do enjoy some of his early work on Philadelphia International … especially this song in particular, with its wonderful strings, and superslick, sensuous trumpet part.

Tnx Thierry B for the – sad – news. And check this 1984-09 Ebony magazine article for more on TP’s misfortunes.
Hey and do give the lyrics of “Come go with me” (off his third lp “Teddy”, Philadelphia International 1979) a close listen and do contemplate on the fantasy dialogue that starts around four minutes into the song … “sip a little wine, work things out”“please I can not stand pressure” … it’s the most grandiose make out music!

Also, believe it or not, yesterday I was preparing a number of future posts, and I had actually prepared the basics for (a.o.) a post featuring these two tracks. Little did I know there would be sad news concerning Mr TP only hours later. Anyway, here goes: Leon Haywood‘s “Out to catch” (Casablanca 1980) is yet another example extraordinaire of superlative ‘discotheque fantasy projected’ songwriting. Check, for instance, the wanky fantasy dialogue around 3’45” into the track … “this is my first time too” “listen to some soft music, have a little chilled wine, and, you know, get to know each other a little better”

(This is the lp version off “It’s Me Again”; do catch the 12″ mix too – can’t decide which one is better.)